9 Reasons You Can’t Seem To Find A Woman

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Here is a list of reasons why you can’t seem to find a woman. The fact that you’re having to read this means you’re probably not doing too well finding a partner. There could be a number of reasons why. Maybe you’ve just been out of the game for a while because you’ve just come out of a long-term relationship or marriage.  Or it could be that you genuinely don’t have a clue what’s going on with women (good news – neither do all men). The good news is, we can improve our odds on catching ourselves the woman we are looking for. They are a few things you can do to improve your chances of success….and there are definitely a few don’ts to have regard for too.

1. Appearance

First and foremost is your appearance! Your appearance is everything when it comes to finding a partner. As shallow as this sounds, we are judged and summed up in the first 30 seconds of meeting anybody…and this is largely based on our appearance. So if you’re reading this now, lying in bed with remnants of chip packets and take-out boxes, ask yourself if you have become a bit of a fat bastard over the years. If that is the case, it’s probably best you join a gym or take up some home workouts. YouTube is littered with hundreds of virtual fitness classes. If you need to lose weight and want to do it fast, there are things that can help such as juicing plans and low calorie diets (albeit you might not find them sustainable or pleasant).

If you feel your physical appearance is contributing to your lack of success with women, get yourself a new look which should include new clothes, a new hairstyle (or if you’re bald/balding, make sure it’s shaved short and tidy) and some new fragrances. It’s probably best for you to do a quick hygiene check too – you don’t want to scare anyone off with minging teeth or a bad stench.

2. Confidence

Have you ever wondered how some men are just able to approach women without a care in the world? Have you ever watched a man speaking effortlessly to a woman and wonder how they can be so irresistible, even if they’re not exactly in the same league as Brad Pitt? It’s actually quite a simple trick: exuding confidence.

Confidence is everything when it comes to a woman but we need to accept that it’s something that’s going to come overnight, unfortunately. You’ll have to train yourself to master it. The internet is a great place to start – you’ll be able to practise being a confident, strong man and with high self-esteem without having to worry about how you may appear. You can literally hide behind your screen and have a go at oozing it. If you don’t think you are able to be self-confident or feel it’s going to take a while – FAKE IT (until you make it).

3. Love Yourself

Have you ever heard the saying ‘love yourself’? Now we don’t mean love yourself in the way of a self-obsessed dick head that checks for out of place hair strands every minute or how his abs are getting on. What we mean by love yourself is – does your outlook on life need to change? Are you a glass half full or empty person? Are you truly happy with who you are? Do you need to make changes? Are you unhappy, mardy or depressed?

If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect anyone else to?

4. Too Picky

Are you being too picky? Is your aim to attract a world class supermodel, perhaps? Are you setting your sights on something that, frankly, is unachievable? You might have dated a few hotties at school – but are you still in good enough nick to attract the same now? You’ve need to be realistic. You have to realise the limitations women may perceive in you. I am not saying any woman is out of reach for you. But if you’re a 5 try going for a 5, rather than a 10.

5. Getting Advice From Women

If you’re getting advice from women about dating and relationships, this is exactly why you are single or struggling to get a woman. How can you take advice from a woman when they don’t even know what they want themselves? You may have come across blogs written by women who describe their idea of a perfect man. This is a load of bollocks. Men like that don’t exist. They’re just describing their fantasy man. A man is a man, that’s what we are. By the way, if you’re taking advice from your Mom then you definitely deserve to be single.  

6. Bad Friends

If you have any jerk-off friends that aren’t good for your reputation – ditch them. This includes friends that take the piss out of you in public or who make you the subject of practical jokes. Women don’t like men that appear to be the runt of the litter. They’ll think you’re weak and will run a mile or might even join in the piss taking of you as well. This won’t do you or your confidence levels any favours. If you do have any friends like this, you need rid of them now. They are not your friends.

7. Yes Man

Avoid being the nice guy. Now I’m not saying be a complete prick but don’t constantly try to please. The truth is – nice guys finish last. Nice guys become ‘just friends’ and once you’re demoted from Potential to Friend Zone, you’re never getting out. Unfortunately, women like men with with a bit of swag about them.

8. Not being You

Trying to be someone you’re not is a common flaw. Do not do this under any circumstances. For example, don’t make out you’ve got millions when you really rely on your monthly pay packet and have zero savings. Don’t come across as some sort of Gangsta when you’re really a nice boy from the countryside. Be true to yourself.

9. Ambitious

Women find ambitious men more attractive. Unfortunately, if you’re a burger flipper at McDonald’s and have been doing this since high school, it’s not going to go down so well. It’s commendable you have a job….but the thought of you flipping burgers is not going to turn her on. If you’re going to continue in such a role, it’s best to have this backed up with something else ambitious such as an online course or part-time college course on the side. Oh – and another thing – living at home with parents is not attractive. Sharing a house with others is marginally better in that it’s better than you saying you live with your Mom – however, still not ideal.

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