About Men’s Grooming

What our male grooming pages are all about. 

As we have moved into the 21th century, the modern man has developed alongside. Men of today are taking better care of themselves, now more than ever before. 

Over the last 20 years the number of men’s grooming products have risen tenfold. This has been great for men’s grooming as it’s resulted in a better selection of products to choose from. Now we are easily able to find the right products for our hair and skin types, but we accept that many men may need a helping hand on occasion. 

As the number of men’s grooming products have increased, so has the demand for advice around them. Many men are concerned with which products are best to use for their particular hair and skin types, how to manage problem skin, which products to avoid and how to secure the best products for getting the job done without having to spend large amounts of money. 

That’s where we come into it. At Man’s Black Book we’ve sought out expert advice from dermatologists, have tested products ourselves and have considered thousands of product reviews from men – in order to provide men with no nonsense advice around how to get the best results from their grooming regimes. 

You’ll also find there are a number of other men’s websites which also offer advice on male grooming. However, please be aware that some of those sites, not all – can mislead men into products that aren’t compatible with their hair and skin type or lifestyle. We’ll always be honest with men (if a man with a particular hair or skin type needs to avoid a product we display, we’ll be sure to tell you about it). 

Our 3 most common categories in men’s grooming are as follows:


Skincare is one of the most important aspects of male grooming. Taking better care of the skin can help prevent a number of problems including premature ageing which we know many men of today are concerned with. A good skincare regime can help men gain a few years back especially if they commit to using a good anti aging moisturizer for men

Our full face care guides include advice on which products our better for your skin type, including for those men who have problem skin and are looking to treat dry skin, oily skin and even dull skin

By following our simple product guides, you will have a better understanding of what good skincare means and which facial products you should be aiming for and which you should be avoiding at all costs. 

It’s our aim for men to find products that work for them, at a price they can afford and which can dramatically improve the appearance and feel of their skin. 

Hair Care 

For guys who still have hair, we’ve provided a hair care section with a number of products on. This includes the best hair pomades for men who are after a strong hold or shine or our hair creams for men for a more natural finish. We’ve also included a list of products for men who experience common hair problems. Men who experience dandruff will benefit from our best dry scalp shampoo and men who are experiencing male pattern baldness will likely take a lot from our article on anti hair loss shampoo (we know losing your hair can be a big knock to confidence). Whatever your requirements around haircare, we aim to provide you with helpful information which is easy to access. 

Beard Care

Beards are now extremely popular. Many men of today are occupied with growing an impressive one and we aim to pass on quality advice to help grow and maintain a better beard. This includes our lists of best beard oils, best beard conditioners and best beard shampoos and washes. This will be all you need to sort out beardruff and beard itch and to keep the skin underneath healthy. 

Our years of experience in testing men’s grooming products have taught us that a highly price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a high quality product. We’ve found products which have cost less than $10 to be as effective as much higher priced products on the marker. If we find that this is the case, we will tell you. We only want you to be equipped with the best product (even if that is one of the cheaper ones) for achieving maximum results. 

We understand that every man’s needs and requirements are not the same. Also, that men have their own minds. Therefore, our information is intended as a general guide and helping hand only. 

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