About Us.

Welcome to Man’s Black Book, a website made by men, for men.

Founded by Guy Sutton in 2016, Man’s Black Book is a no-nonsense website which aims to give men the information they need without being misleading or dragging on endlessly.

We know how much of an annoyance it is to visit a site and be bogged down with ads. Therefore, it’s our mission to give men a better, overall experience online. Our ads will always be kept to a bare minimum and positioned so they wont get in the way of your read.

If you’re wondering why we’re called Man’s Black Book, long before organisers and mobile devices were born, men would often carry around a pocket sized black book. They’d use this book to document important notes including contact details, diary entries and even sexual fantasies so that they could reflect on them later on.

In today’s world and with Man’s Black Book around, men no longer have the need to carry a black book, what with our site providing you with useful information which you can access time and time again.

Our prime focus is to keep our content straight forward, simplified and on point, with no tiresome and frustrating pop-ups and ads. Also, to provide gentlemen with interesting and helpful information which allows them to gain knowledge and understanding in a range of areas such as women and relationships, grooming and entertainment.

Men’s Grooming:
In the last decade, there’s been a shift amongst men who are now taking their grooming regime more seriously. Even older, more mature men are reaching for the anti-aging products after never being bothered before.
However, we find many men are still in need of essential guidance around grooming. For example, men may not be using the correct products for their skin type, which isn’t going to do them any favours.

Many men are living with problem skin and hair and may not realise their current grooming regime is exacerbating the issue. So, whether you’re looking for ways to treat dry skin or Shampoo for pattern baldness, Man’s Black Book is here to help you look and feel confident and at your best.

The F Guide:
Simply put, The F Guide (The Female Guide) helps men gain better knowledge of women, even though this may appear an impossible task. Women can be difficult creatures to understand, as I’m sure many of us will already be aware.

Some men have a natural gift and can make any engagement with women effortless. Other men may not be so lucky and may also lack the general know-how. With this in mind, it’s our intention to use our knowledge and experience to equip our fellow men with the necessary tools to feel confident and comfortable around women.

In our F Guide, we provide information on why men may be struggling to find a woman, how to tackle online dating, women to avoid, how to spot if she’s cheating and the different types of women you’ll likely encounter when dating.

Food and Drink:
Most men enjoy food and drink, that’s one thing we can all agree on. Despite this, we know there are still a huge number of men who have no idea what to do when it comes to the kitchen and culinary skills. Our Food and Drink guides aim to assist the common caveman who has no cooking skills whatsoever. This includes providing the simplest of cooking instructions on how to cook broccoli or how to cook rice, to mastering some classic favourites such as chilli con carne and spaghetti bolognese.

All men need their down time after a gruelling day at work or play. What men don’t need is spending vast amounts of time flicking through channels and films in order to find a good movie or series. Therefore, we’ve created our Entertainment guides to let you know what’s worth watching on the box such as the best TV series on Netflix, best gangster movies ever made and best films based on a real life story. As well as that, and as an added bonus, you’ll find many articles of note including sexiest actresses in Hollywood, actors and their net worth, a list of richest actors and best looking actresses aged over 40.

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