Are You The Rebound Guy?

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Before jumping into a relationship, all men should be alert to the fact that they may be the Rebound Guy. 

If there is a woman who all guys should be aware of, that is the woman who has no issue with using a man in order to get over their ex-partner. 

A man who is used in this way is often referred to as the Rebound Guy

A woman who uses men to get over her ex can be deemed highly selfish and, oftentimes – emotionally damaged from her previous relationship. She’ll only have her own interests in mind and will use any man she can get her hands on with the sole purpose of getting over her ex. 

Even worse, this woman can use men to get back at her ex or make him jealous so that he goes back to her. She’ll have no interest in pursuing a relationship with the Rebound Guy (her sole purpose will be to use him, with no regard for his feelings). 

There is a growing rate of men who are being seduced by women to help them get over a breakup. It’s so common that women can be heard encouraging their separated friends to find a man to use to get over their broken relationship. Sadly, you’ll also find several internet pages promoting the same story to women who are going through a break up. 

It can be difficult to spot a woman who is on the hunt for a Rebound Guy. However, if you pay close enough attention, you’re bound to pick up on some signs. 

Vulnerable men (such as those men who find themselves blindsided with desperately wanting a relationship), will need to take particular care. As you can see in our article [LINK: How To Meet A Woman], the most common way of meeting a girl these days is online…and we’re afraid the internet is full of these types of dangerous and selfish women. 

Here are some signs to look out for:

1. She’s recently single 

Starting with the most obvious sign that you could be the Rebound Guy, is the fact that she’s recently single. That is, she’s come out of a relationship less than a month previously. One of the challenging aspects of this is, when you ask her how long it’s been since she was in a relationship – she could just lie. She could tell you she’s been single for months when she’s really just come out of a long term relationship, only a matter of days ago. Look for any signs of sheepishness or her stumbling over her dates when you ask about her previous relationships. 

2. Social media 

If you are a Rebound Guy, you might find she spends a lot of time on social media. This can be when she is in your company or away from you (you might notice she always appears to be online). This could be her checking on the whereabouts of her ex partner. You might even see a sudden change in attitude from her after she’s used social media. She may appear upset, angry or frustrated if she’s spotted something on her ex’s profile she doesn’t like. 

3. She comes on thick and fast 

On a first meet with her, you might find she doesn’t waste any time in showing you she is interested.  She’ll be like a whirlwind, overly eager and you might feel things are moving too fast in a matter of weeks or even days. If she talks about loving you or moving in, in the early stages, run a mile and don’t look back. 

4. She gets upset…for no reason 

What you also might find if you’re a Rebound Guy is that she randomly appears upset, without any obvious explanation. It may be that she’s been having thoughts about her ex or she’s heard some displeasing news about him. This can leave you wondering what you’ve done wrong but the real story is: she’ll still be emotionally attached to her ex and she’ll likely be missing his company. 

5. Sexually active but no emotion

It’s quite common in any new relationship to have frequent sex. That’s great – one of the best things about dating. However, if you’re the Rebound Guy, you may find she participates in sex but will be disengaged emotionally. You may feel she is lacking emotion, cold and distant and they’ll be a feeling of her ‘going through the motions’. 

6. She has a lot of hate towards her ex partner

When a woman isn’t totally over her ex partner and she still has strong feelings for him, you’ll often find she’ll speak poorly about him. You may even observe her holding a deep hatred for her ex when he crops up in conversation. 

7. She mentions her ex a lot

Another common sign you are a Rebound Guy is that  she’s spending a lot of time speaking about her ex. She may do this, subconsciously – not realizing she’s doing it as often as she does. She might also compare you to her ex frequently, a sign he is never far away from her thoughts. 

8 Crazy mood swings 

Whilst in a rebound relationship, it’s quite normal for women to have regular mood swings without any good reason, and they’ll often be directed at you. You’ll be left wondering what on earth’s going on when they suddenly explode without warning. 

8. They’re distant 

Women who are still attracted to their ex’s or who still have feelings for them can appear to be vacant and distant. You may be engaging her in discussion and note she isn’t listening. She may also appear distracted, frustrated and bored in your company. 

9. Making her ex jealous 

Women who feel hurt by their ex partner have no problem in finding ways to make them jealous. This includes finding themselves a Rebound Guy. This can manifest itself as dragging you along to places where she knows her ex will be present and plastering ‘loved-up’ pictures of you and her across her social media accounts. 

10. No future on the horizon

A classic tell-tale sign you are being used as the Rebound Guy is that there is no possibility of a future together. As times goes on, cracks will appear, the relationship will diminish and you’ll notice her losing interest (in all areas of you, including in the bedroom) at quite a rapid rate. They’ll be no talk of future plans or joint goals – a sure sign the relationship is doomed.

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