Will Smith Net Worth 2020

Will Smith Net Worth

What is Will Smith’s net worth? Will Smith is an American actor, film producer and rapper.  Now 51 and born in Philadelphia, Smith is one of the most influential people to walk the red carpet. Known for films such as The Pursuit of Happyness, Suicide Squad and Prince of Bel-Air, he can be assigned as […]

Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth 2020

Robert Downey Jr. net worth

Name: Robert John Downey Jr. Net Worth: $310 million Actor Rich List Ranking: 15 Born: US, New York Age: 57 What is the net worth of Robert Downey Jr?  Robert Downey is a successful American actor and singer who was born in New York City.  He’s best known for starring in Marvel films, playing the […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth 2020

Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth

Name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio Net Worth: $400 million Actors Rich List Ranking: 7th Born: US, California Age: 44 What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth? Leonardo Dicaprio is an A-list American actor, film producer, entrepreneur and environmentalist. DiCaprio is regarded as one of the best actors in Hollywood and also one of the wealthiest actors in […]

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth 2020

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth

Name: Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg Net Worth: $380 million Actors Rich List Ranking: 8th Born: California, US Age: 49 What is the net worth of Mark Wahlberg?  Mark Wahlberg is an American A-list actor, singer and film producer.  Wahlberg is an actor who has been in high demand throughout Hollywood, and this is why he’s […]

Top 20 Richest Actors in Hollywood

Richest Actors in Hollywood

Who is the richest actor in Hollywood? See our top 20 list of wealthiest Hollywood actors. Most of us can only dream of making or acquiring a million dollars in our lifetime. However, for these such an amount of money is just a standard week’s wage. Between the following highly paid actors in Hollywood, they […]

Mel Gibson’s Net Worth 2020

Mel Gibson net worth

Name: Mel Gibson Net Worth: $625 million Actors Rich List Ranking: 2 Born: New York Age: 63 What is Mel Gibson’s Net Worth?  Mel Gibson is a well known American actor, director and producer. Gibson is now 64 and is recognised as a brilliant actor and director. He’s best known for movies such as Mad […]

Tom Cruise Net Worth 2020

Tom Cruise Net Worth

Name: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV Net Worth: $600 million Actors Rich List Ranking: 3rd Born: US, New York Age: 57 What is Tom Cruise’s net worth?  Tom Cruise is now 57. He was born in New York and is now one of the most iconic names in the movie business.  Cruise is one of the […]

Tom Hanks Net Worth 2020

Tom Hanks Net Worth

Name: Tom Jeffrey Hanks Net Worth: $700 Million Actor Rich List Ranking: 1 Age: 63 Born: California, US What is Tom Hanks net worth? Tom Hanks is an iconic and well loved American actor and film producer.  Apart from being one of the wealthiest actors going, Hanks is also considered one of the most talented […]

20 Hottest Women In The World

Hottest Women In The World

Who is the world’s sexiest women? See our list who ranks top. There may be a lot of arguing and debate among men around who they feel is the sexiest woman is right now. Make no mistake, with so many attractive women to choose from, this was a difficult list to compile. However, the following […]

32 Sexiest Blonde Actresses in Hollywood

sexiest blonde actresses in hollywood

A list of the hottest blonde actresses in Hollywood. Blondes may not really have more fun but they appear to do well in the acting industry, what with there being a good variety of sexy, fair-haired actresses on the go. Many of these blonde bombshell actresses also have solid, successful modelling backgrounds and it’s not […]