32 Sexiest Blonde Actresses in Hollywood

A list of the hottest blonde actresses in Hollywood Blondes may not really have more fun but they appear to do well in the acting industry, what with there being a good variety of sexy, fair-haired actresses on the go. Many of these blonde bombshell actresses also have solid, successful modelling backgrounds and it’s not […]

20 Actors Who Died young

A list 20 actors that died younger than they should These actors who died young are some of the most recognisable names in the industry. There’s no doubt about it – many of these actors would have gone on to have highly successful careers in Hollywood had it not been for their premature demise. 1. […]

Top 20 Richest Rappers in the world

Top 20 Richest Rappers in world

Ever wondered who is the richest rapper? See our list of the wealthiest rappers We’re all aware of rap music being a lucrative business to get into. Hip-hop artists are notorious for splashing the cash on luxury homes and cars and adorning themselves with expensive, designer gear. But this really is a different world to […]

20 Musicians Who Died Young

musicians that died young

A List of Musicians who died before they should have. Being rich and famous can’t stop the inevitable. When your time is up, it truly is. No amount of fame and money can interfere with this as demonstrated by these young musicians whose lives were cut dramatically short. Some of these deaths were easily preventable, […]

Best Australian Actresses: Find Top 10

Best Australian Actresses: Find Top 10

Who we think is the best Australian actresses currently acting As we’ve already published the best British and American actresses, it’s only fair we do the same for the Aussies. We have to admit, the best Australian actresses were limited in numbers. However, if you consider the population difference between Australia and America (rather significant), […]

31 Hottest Brunette Actresses in Hollywood

Hottest Brunette Actresses in Hollywood

Find the sexiest Brunette in Hollywood There are a fair few sexy, dark haired women in the film industry but have you ever stopped to consider which of them are the most desirable to men? We’d bet you’d find most of them on our list of the hottest brunette actresses going.  1. Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa […]

26 Sexiest Redhead Actresses in Hollywood

sexiest redhead actresses

Who is the hottest redhead actress? Find her in our list of hotties. They may have been teased for being ginger nuts at school but we’re sure those who ridiculed these sexiest redheaded actresses are now eating their words. These stunners have the looks that are the envy of women across the globe. Many a […]

Best American Actresses: Find The Top 10

best American actresses

Who are the best American Actresses currently acting in Hollywood? Have you ever stopped to wonder who the best actresses in Hollywood today? There is no doubt that Hollywood has its fair share of amazing actresses but who are the ones currently in work that have the ability to overshadow the rest? When choosing the […]

Best British Actors: Find Top 10 Currently Acting

Best British Actors

If you are wondering who are the best British Actors right now? See our list. When you think of outstanding Hollywood actors, our bet is that your first thought will be a string of talented American stars. And so it may come as a surprise that some of the best, big screen actors are, in […]

Best American Actors: Top 10 Currently Acting

best American actors

Who are the best American Actors currently acting ? See our list that are killing it. We managed to create a list of the best American actors in Hollywood however selecting them was no easy task, what with there being so many legends of the big screen to choose from. So how did we do […]