20 Best Christmas Gifts For Dad

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Buying Christmas gifts for dad is a different experience to buying Christmas gifts for mom. For starters, men don’t tend to care a great deal about what you get them. Dads are often grateful for a bottle of their favourite tipple and some TV time and so many of us take a more relaxed approach when buying gifts for dad at Christmas. However, it doesn’t have to be this way…there’s no reason why we can’t give our dads something useful, unique and enjoyable at Xmas.

When buying Christmas presents for dad, we should consider that a lot of dads keep things a lot longer than they need to when it’s clear they need to be replaced. Dads also aren’t forthcoming about what they’d really like for Christmas, often responding with, “oh don’t worry about me” and “just get me anything, son”. So, it will pay to be observant around your dad in the lead up to Christmas. For example, have their slippers seen better times? Have you noticed they’re running low of aftershave when you’re over and nip to the bathroom? Have you observed any conversation that indicates any hobbies or interests?
Our top selling list of items is suitable for anyone looking for good gifts for dad, including those who are shopping on a budget.

20. Gift cards $10 – $100+

Gift cards are great for when you really don’t know what to get your dad for Christmas. If you don’t have a clue what to buy your dad, you can purchase him a gift card from $10 dollars upwards. So, great for those on a budget.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Gift cards

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19. Funny slippers $10 – $40

Great for those on a budget, funny slippers are deemed by many as one of the best gifts for dads. Dads love entertaining in them and we love seeing them wearing them (who better to have a laugh at than the old man?) Most are relatively inexpensive – a good quality pair can be purchased for $10 dollars. Good for stocking fillers or those on a budget.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Funny slippers

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18. Brain teaser puzzles $10 – $40

Most men enjoy problem solving and so brain teaser puzzles will likely keep them entertained for hours. They’re great as stocking fillers and for those who are watching their spends, what with them being so affordable. Prices start from just $10 dollars.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Brain teaser puzzles

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17. Golfing Gifts $10 – 1000+

Best xmas presents for dad can be tricky. However, if you’re aware of your dad’s hobbies, finding a good gift for dad will be made a great deal easier for you. If your dad is a keen golfer, for example, they’ll be delighted with any related gift you give them such as a box of balls or a new golfing glove. Golf gifts can be bought for as little as $10 dollars.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Golfing Gifts

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16. Novelty Gifts $10 – $100

It won’t comes as a great surprise that men enjoy their novelty gifts, no matter what age they are. What’s great about novelty gifts is that they’re a fun present and relatively cheap, what with you being able to pick these up for around $10 dollars.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Novelty Gifts

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15. Tools $10 – $300+

Most men and tools go hand-in-hand and so there’s no denying they’ll make a great gift for dad at Christmas. Most men take pride in the tool collection they’ve accumulated over the years and like to spend time in their garages and sheds taking care of them. You can find them online for $10 dollars and upwards.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Tools

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14. Car cleaning kits $25 – $100+

Most men take pride in their car and spend a great deal of man time at the weekends washing and cleaning it over and so a car cleaning gift for dad will likely be appreciated. It will come as no surprise that car cleaning kits are a popular gift choice for men, according to amazon top seller data. You can buy car cleaning kits from around $25 dollars.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Car cleaning kits

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13. Dvd or blu-ray box set $15 – $100+

Buying gifts for those you love and care about should be about their enjoyment and pleasure. A DVD or Blu-ray Box Set are good gifts for dads and, if you shop online sensibly, you can get them for as cheap as $15 dollars. Some box sets are more costly (over $100 dollars), however, a more expensive box set doesn’t mean more enjoyment for your dad. A cheaper box set relating to something he’s interested in will be better received than a more expensive one he’s not going to watch.

Christmas Gifts For Dad blu-ray box set

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12. Bike $150 – $500+

A bike is a more unusual Christmas gift for dad but they are growing in popularity as gifts to give at Christmas. If you think your dad could be more active and are concerned about his health, a bike may encourage him to leave his vehicle at home and get out and about into the great outdoors. Maybe your dad has been a motor biker in his younger days but can no longer do this for a variety of reasons. A bike may restore his sense of adventure and give him a sense of worth again. Bikes can be quite reasonable in price, starting for as little as $150 dollars.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Bike

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11. Sneaker $25 – $500+

When considering best Christmas gifts for dad, you might not have ever considered buying your dad sneakers before. However, a brand new pair of sneakers will likely go down well with your dad, especially if his current ones have seen better days. Sneakers tick the box in terms of style and practicality and, the good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. You can buy them for as little as $25 dollars (although…they can be quite costly (up to $500 dollars depending on how designer you want to go)).

Christmas Gifts For Dad Sneaker

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10. Travel holdall $40 – $500+

A travel holdall is a great Christmas gift for dad, especially for dads who enjoy their weekends away or those who need to travel for business purposes. Perhaps your dad’s been using his current one for years and it’s now looking like it’s seen much better days. Your dad might be a stay at home type and so you wish to buy him a present to encourage a new travel hobby. Whatever your motivation, a travel holdall will be a well received gift.

They’re selling well on our list, especially with those on a Xmas budget (them can be picked up for as little as $40 dollars).

Christmas Gifts For Dad Travel holdall

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9. Watch $50 – $500+

Watches are always a popular choice for people looking for Christmas gifts for dad. They make a good personal Christmas gift which can be worn by dad every day. Is your dad one of those types that’s had his watch stashed away in the drawer since the battery ran out in it over a decade ago? Is his current watch style outdated? If so, a new watch will go down a treat and it’s likely your dad will appreciate the thought you put into choosing a style for him.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Watch

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8. Aftershave $20 – $300

When buying gifts for dad, a men’s cologne is always a good choice, especially if you’re struggling on gift ideas and you’re on a budget (some can be purchased for as little as $20 dollars). Perhaps your dad is still using Brute or some other vinegary smelling scent from the 80s and could do with an update. Buying presents and Christmas gifts for dad can be a relatively stress free experience when you opt for an aftershave gift. Just choose your budget, select your scent and you’re good to go.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Aftershave

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7. Home brewing kit $40 – $200

Most men enjoy a tipple over Christmas. If you’re considering buying your old man some beers, why not buy him his own beer making kit instead? A beer making kit is a unique present for dad and will tick several satisfaction boxes too. Not only will he have the pleasure of making his own beer, the kit will also afford him some alone in his man cave, brewing up some barrels. You can shop online for beer making kits for around $40 to $200 dollars.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Home brewing kit

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6. Cooking book $10 – $30

Many men enjoy cooking and, if your dad’s one of them, a cooking book is a great Christmas gift for dad. The amount of men who enjoy cooking these day is relatively high. Gone are the days when cooking was deemed a mom chore – lots of men like to take control in the kitchen and take pleasure in cooking up new recipes to impress their friends and family with. You can buy online for around $10 dollars plus.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Cooking book

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5. Wallet $7 – $100+

If your dad’s one of those fellas that keeps his cards and money in his pockets, a good gift for dad at Christmas may be a wallet. Keeping cards and money in pockets makes them vulnerable to going missing and getting in to the wrong hands and so a nice, new wallet will solve this problem. Perhaps he already has a wallet and it’s falling to pieces. Whatever your motivation for buying your dad a new wallet, he likely be grateful for it. Buy them online at a starting price of around $7 dollars.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Wallet

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4. Indoor grill $35 – $180

Most men love cooking on the barbecue and so why not get your dad a home grill that he can use indoors whenever he wants? Home grills are a popular choice amongst those who are looking for Christmas gifts for dad. The added benefit of these is that they’ll encourage a healthier lifestyle (they’ll be no need for your dad to use a frying pan full of fat anymore). Buy online from around $35 to $180 dollars.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Indoor grill

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3. Designer glasses $60 – $400+

Designer sunglasses are a great Xmas gift for dad, especially if they’re a sun worshiper or they like to travel. Your dad might not own a pair of sunglasses or, if he does, they might be a cheap and poor quality pair, liable to break because he isn’t motivated to take care of them considering he picked them up for a couple of dollars as the gas station. You can buy online at a starting point of around $60 dollars.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Designer glasses

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2. Polo T-shirt $30 – $120+

When it come to buying a present for dad, many of us don’t consider clothing to be an ideal Christmas gift. When clothing, Christmas and dads are concerned, novelty knitted jumpers spring to mind. There is certainly a place for such funny items, however, this is usually only once or twice a year. What you could opt for instead is a smart and stylish polo shirt that your dad can wear all year round. Polo shirts go well with any wardrobe and at any age. You can buy online for around $30 to $120 dollars plus.

Christmas Gifts For Dad Polo T-shirt

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1. Men’s anti-aging gift Set 30 – 300+

An anti-aging gift set makes our list on Christmas gifts for dad. Granted, skin care products are usually something we’d associate with buying for mom. However, many men also take pride in their appearance and are concerned about keeping themselves looking younger for longer. If your dad isn’t one of these men, do you feel he could benefit from better skin care still? Does he have any skin complaints such as unsightly dry of flakey skin? If you decide on buying an anti ageing set for your dad, you’ll find some on the market for as little as $30 dollars. However, anti-ageing skin care should really include quality products only. Some kits we have seen are up to $300 dollars plus.

Christmas Gifts For Dad anti-aging gift Set

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