8 Best Hair Clays for Men

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A list of best hair clays for men to achieve great styles

What is the best hair clay for men? 

Hair clays for men are one of the best hair styling products on the market for men with both short and medium hair lengths. 

A clay styler can offer the ultimate hold when it comes to styling. They are capable of lasting all day long and surviving even high humidity environments such as gyms and nightclubs.

Hair clay normally has a matte texture, meaning the hair is finished with a more natural look. A clay can also make the hair appear fuller and thicker, so it’s an ideal product for men with thin or thinning hair.

Clays are able to style even the most difficult of hair types including very thick and curly hair, holding it into place without the worry of it going limp and lifeless.

Some hair clays contain Kaolin which work great for those with oily hair (this helps to absorb excess oils and remove a greasy looking appearance). 

If you’re still not convinced about using a hair clay as a finishing product, be aware that some hair clay products can be used as a pre-styler on wet or damp air for extra control and a textured finish. 

Here is a list of the best men’s hair clay that are suitable for all hair types.

Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay Pomade

1. Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay Pomade

First up on our list of best men’s hair clay is this Uppercut Deluxe Matte Clay Pomade. This gives a medium to strong hold and has been formulated for both short and long hair lengths. It’s ideal for sculpting and texturing short hair and creating slick and sweeping looks for the longer haired guy. This hair clay will leave a matte finish that can be worked again throughout the day. 

Who’s it best for: This clay can be used on any hair length. It’s great for men with normal hair thickness.
Hold: Strong
Finish: Matte



If you’re looking for a good hair clay that will work on even the thickest of hair, this Hanz De Fuko Claymation clay will have you covered. Made with clay-wax and a small amount of quicksand, this product can be worked into the desired style on even the most difficult of hair types. Where other products may not be able to achieve maximum hold, most men who try this clay will likely not experience this issue. This clay leaves you with a matte, textured look and solid hold throughout the day (without the hair being weighed down and without it going limp). 

Who’s it best for: This hair clay is great for men who are looking for maximum hold. Men with short to medium hair lengths, including those with thick, curly and thin hair types will benefit from this product.
Hold: Very strong
Finish: Matte 



If you’ve ever used Baxter of California men’s grooming range, you’ll know that they only ever offer quality products, including their Clay Pomade. This hair clay can be applied to either dry, damp or even wet hair (for extra workability) to enable you to create your desired style. Great for bed head and tousled looks or those looking for tamer and more slick styles. This holds with a natural matte texture which will last all day. 

Who’s it best for: This hair clay is ideal for both thick and thin hair. Also good for medium and short hair styles
Hold: Strong
Finish: Matte

The Cardinal Brand Atlas Matte Texture Clay

4. The Cardinal Brand Atlas Matte Texture Clay

If you have thin hair and are looking for a hair clay which will give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair, then it’s worth trying this Cardinal Brand Atlas Matte Texture Clay. It’s a lightweight texture which will give you full control without clumping or hair looking limp. This is also very easy to wash out at the end of the day. 

Who’s it best for: Ideal for any length hair. Great for men with normal hair (especially those with thin or thinning hair)
Hold: Medium
Finish: Matte



If you have oily hair, you may have found that hair products you have previously used have resulted in your hair looking and feeling greasy. If this is you, this Hanz De Fuko Quicksand is the ideal hair clay for you. With its unique formula of styling wax, quicksand and powdered dry shampoo, this will give you the ability to mold and style your hair with a strong finish. This will not add shine to your hair and will absorb any excess oils that occur throughout the day. 

Who’s it best for: This is great for most hair lengths but particularly good for men who have oily and greasy hair types
Hold: Medium to strong hold, depending on the hair type
Finish: Matte 



An easy, workable styling clay that achieves top results is this AVEDA Men’s Pure-Formance Grooming Clay. It’s a lightweight product which uses micro fibres to make hair easier to style (you can use your fingers or a comb on either damp or dry hair). This product will give you the ultimate hold for even the most extreme kinds of hairstyles. 

Who’s it best for: This styling clay is ideal for all types of hair lengths
Hold: Stronghold
Finish: Matte

Smooth Viking Styling Hair Clay

7. Smooth Viking Styling Hair Clay

Viking Smooth is proof that you can buy quality products at a fraction of the price of some other, more expensive brands.  This hair styling clay can tackle the most difficult of hair types including those frizzy, thin, thick and curly hair. This allows you to mold and style the hair into whatever look you want, allowing a stronghold in even hot and sweaty environments.

Who’s it best for: This clay is ideal for difficult hair, whether thin or thick.
Hold: Strong
Finish: Matte

Tame The Beast Hard Hair Clay Pomade

8. Tame The Beast Hard Hair Clay Pomade

Last on the list of men’s best hair clays is this Tame The Beast Hard Hair Clay Pomade. This is a stiff clay. However, once you’ve warmed it up in your hands, you’ll be able to pull, twist and fix your hair into any mad hairstyle you want (perfect for bed head). This can also be applied to wet hair for a textured and more natural look. 

Who’s it best for: This hair clay is ideal for men with short to medium hair lengths
Hold: Firm
Finish: Matte

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who is a hair clay best suited to?

A clay is best suited to those who are looking for an ultra-strong hold from their styling products. Although men with longer hair are still able to use clay, those with short and medium hair lengths will particularly benefit. Clays are also good for men who are concerned about their hair style in hot and sweaty environments.

What's the difference between a hair clay and pomade?

It would seem that everything to do with men’s hair styling products that are not hairspray and gels have been named pomades. For example, ‘Wax Pomade’ and ‘Clay Pomade’. This has lead to confusion and questions as to whether there are any differences between the two. A true pomade is softer in texture than a hair clay. Pomade can be combed into hair for a neater look (think side parting or slick back with a shine) unlike clays which are matte in texture. Pomades tend to be soft to the touch whereas clays are stiffer (for a stronger hold).

Why do hair clays clog up my hair?

There could be a number of reasons why this is happening. You may be applying too much at once and, if that’s the case, start off with a smaller amount until you reach your desired look and hold. You may also be using the wrong clay for your hair type (and so may need to adjust the consistency).

Why do I need so much hair clay to style my hair?

This is a common question from men with all hair types. It’s worth noting that some hair types will require extra effort, meaning using a greater quantity of styling products. Men should take care not to over-use clay products. Some men may be under the impression that hair will be easier to style by adding a larger amount of clay, however this may result in hair that is unworkable and limp, especially when applied to freshly washed and clean hair. Try adding a small amount of clay to damp hair (most hair clay can be applied to either damp or wet hair), and then blow-dry whilst shaping with a comb or fingers.

Why are hair clays difficult to wash out?

Not all hair clays are difficult to wash out but some hair styling clays can be a challenge to remove. The reason for this is that many clays have been formulated for maximum hold (that is to survive tough environments including the gym and nightclubs). The way around this is to use a shampoo specifically designed to remove hair styling products.

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