8 Best Hair Loss Shampoos for Men

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A list of best shampoos for hair loss and regrowth

Noticing hair thinning and hair loss can be a stressful and worrying time for men. However, many men aren’t aware that buying a good hair loss shampoo can make a huge difference in preventing further hair loss and promoting the regrowth of hair.

Over 85% of men will suffer with some type of hair loss in their lifetime. Over 50 million men in the US alone are affected by male pattern baldness and many will start receding in their late teens to early 20s.

Hair loss doesn’t only affect men; large numbers of women are also challenged with it (and many of these women will resort to using stronger, male products).

Thanks to research and modern science, hair loss shampoos breakthroughs have been made. We now know Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the leading cause of thinning and loss of hair, whether its androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) or general diffuse thinning of the scalp.

By using a DHT blocking shampoo (hair loss shampoo), this will stimulate the scalp to stop further thinning. With such a shampoo, it’s entirely possible to prevent a receding hairline and promote healthy, new hair growth.

Here’s our list of the best shampoos for hair loss to treat and take control of thinning hair.

PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo

1. PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo

One of the top selling and best hair loss shampoos is Pura D’or Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo. It’s free from harsh chemicals, packed with vitamins and contains over 17 DHT Blockers (these include Biotin, Black Cumin Seed, Nettle Extract and Tea Oil). All these special ingredients nourish the scalp, stop the hair from thinning and will promote a fuller, thicker, healthy head of hair. 

Who’s it best for? This anti-thinning shampoo can be used by those with thinning hair and a receding hairline. Also good for dry scalps and brittle hair.

ProBliva DHT Blocker Hair Loss & Hair Re-Growth Shampoo

2. ProBliva DHT Blocker Hair Loss & Hair Re-Growth Shampoo

A powerful DHT blocker shampoo to prevent loss of hair is this ProBlive DHT Blocker Hair Loss & Hair Re-growth Shampoo. This is formulated with Kapilarine complex oil, Keratin, Zinc PCA, Collagen and Amino Acids to kickstart the scalp and stimulate hair follicles. It generates cellular metabolism and microcirculation on the scalp which not only stops baldness and thinning but also helps with new hair growth. 

Who’s it best for? This hair thinning treatment works great on male pattern baldness.

Amplixin Stimulating Shampoo

3. Amplixin Stimulating Shampoo

Used by both men and women to treat hair loss, this Amplixin Stimulating Shampoo has a blend of Peptide, Caffeine and Red Clover which are DHT blockers. These prevent hair loss caused by hormones and genetics and also tackles general thinning and baldness. This shampoo will cleanse your scalp sufficiently whilst also assisting with the regrowth of healthy hair. 

Who’s it best for? Suitable for men experiencing hair loss with all types of hair including normal, oily, dry, damaged and coloured. This is even good for damaged hair and scalps.

Amaze Biotin Shampoo

4. Amaze Biotin Shampoo

Those with strict budgets to adhere to will be pleased to learn about this Amaze Biotin Shampoo. This is an affordable regrowth hair shampoo which is capable of delivering outstanding results. 

This budget hair thinning shampoo is sulfate-free and packed with 11 natural botanicals. These include Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Zinc and Tea Tree Oil which are active DHT blockers. These boost circulation to the scalp to prevent male-pattern baldness and hair loss, deeply cleansing and promoting new hair growth along the way. 

Who’s it best for? This hair loss shampoo will help with male pattern baldness, thinning of the hair and general hair loss in men.

Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

5. Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

If you’re looking for a good shampoo for hair loss but also suffer with dandruff, this Biotin Shampoo For Hair Growth has the ability to treat both conditions. Rich in  antioxidant, oils and DHT blockers, this soothes and nourishes the scalp whilst preventing further thinning of the hair. It’ll provide renewed hair regrowth with amazing texture, leaving the hair healthy and cleansed. 

Who’s it best for? Men with all hair types who are experiencing hair loss and thinning hair. Good for men who experience dandruff.

DS Labs Revita Shampoo

6. DS Labs Revita Shampoo

One of the leading brands (and one of their best products) is this clinically proven DS Labs Revita Shampoo. This treats hair loss conditions such as androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) and general thinning of the hair. It contains caffeine and ketoconazole which are DHT blockers whilst its biotin ingredient will help to jumpstart hair regrowth.     

Who’s it best for? This hair loss shampoo can be used on all types of hair.

Botanical Green Care Saw Palmetto & Cayenne Hair Growth Anti-Hair Loss shampoo

7. Botanical Green Care Saw Palmetto & Cayenne Hair Growth Anti-Hair Loss shampoo

Another powerful treatment for stopping the loss of hair and to help with thinning hair is this Botanical Green Care Saw Palmetto & Cayenne Hair Growth Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo. It uses a complex bioactive plant formula containing Saw Palmetto which is known for its powerful hair loss prevention properties. Combined with other natural ingredients, this powerful regrowth shampoo is highly effective. 

Who’s it best for? Men with all types of hair who are looking for a powerful hair loss solution.

GroMD Doctor-Developed Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner

8. GroMD Doctor-Developed Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner

A high end and more advanced hair thinning shampoo and conditioner is this GroMD Doctor-Developed Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner for faster hair regrowth. It includes a complex blend of specialised ingredients including Capixyl (to block 5-alpha-reductase which can contribute to hair loss), Redensyl to increase hair follicles, Planoxia for faster hair regrowth and Hairgenyl to prevent less hair shedding. The result is thicker and fuller hair. 

Who’s it best for? Safe for all types of hair including colour treated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do hair loss shampoos actually work?

Many men wonder if hair loss shampoos actually work or if they’re just a gimmick used by male grooming brands. For men who have suffered male progressive hair loss to the point of baldness, it would be highly unlikely that a DHT blocking shampoo would work (as the hair has already been lost). But for those who act upon thinning hair early, they’ll likely see positive results (I.E regrown and thicker, fuller hair).

When should I start using a DHT blocking shampoo?

If you have male pattern baldness running in your family, ie if your dad has little to no hair at all, then you should consider using a DHT blocker sooner rather than later. If your Dad experienced thinning or baldness, there’s a 75% chance that you will also. It’s best to start using a hair loss treatment as soon as you start to notice an increase in hair shedding or when your hair is looking thinner. You can usually find this more noticeable with wet hair, after you’ve had a bath or shower (you may notice your scalp is more visible). As soon as your hair starts to thin, that would be the time to start using a DHT blocking hair treatment.

Why does hair loss occur?

There are a number of factors that can lead to hair loss. According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the most common causes of hair loss is purely genetic. That is, it runs in the family (commonly known as male pattern baldness). Then there is also general or diffuse thinning of the hair which may be caused by stress, aging, hormones, dry scalp, poor diet and hair products.

What is DHT?

(DHT) stand for Dihydrotestosterone which is a androgen sex hormone. This hormone is responsible for male growth (such as developing muscle, amongst other things) but it’s also a key factor in male pattern baldness and other types of hair loss. Heathline.com has an in-depth article on DHT and losing hair.

How long will it take before I see results?

Regrowth of the hair is no quick fix. When results will be visible really depends on the product you choose and how susceptible you are to it’s hair growth properties. Most people start to notice the growth of tiny hairs within 6 weeks of using a product. If you don’t see any change after using a hair growth product for an extended period, it might be time to try another brand or else consult with your Doctor.

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