8 Best Beard Shampoos and Washes

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A list of 8 best beard shampoos and washes.

The first step in achieving a healthy beard is to get yourself a good beard shampoo. 

A beard wash is essential for keeping facial hair groomed and tame. Not only that, a good quality beard product will enable beard hair to be softer and more manageable whilst taking care of the skin underneath (nobody enjoys irritated, itching skin and unsightly beardruff (yes, that is a thing)). 

How to choose a beard shampoo

The rules around buying a beard shampoo are really no different to the rules around buying a shampoo for the hair on your head. For example, you wouldn’t want to choose something too harsh on your head or beard which has the potential to dry out your skin and cause irritation. A good beard wash should have the ability to clean even the most coarse beard hair without removing essential oils. Also, it should ensure the skin underneath is healthy and protected in order to prevent dryness and flakiness. 

We’ve tested a wide range of products and have come up with a list of the best beard shampoos and washes to give you the great results.

Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash

1. Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash

If you have ever used the Anthony grooming range, you should be familiar with their high quality and outstanding results. This conditioning beard wash has a blend of natural ingredients such as Bilberry Fruit extract, Black Current Extracts, Coconut oil and rosemary oil which deeply cleanses. It works as an exfoliate to both beard and skin whilst helping to moisturize and condition. This will leave beard hair feeling clean and super soft.  

Who’s it best for:  This beard wash is ideal for those who are looking for an extra soft beard.

2. Ranger Grooming & Co Beard Wash

A real popular choice for guys is this Ranger Grooming & Co Beard Wash with no sulfates and parabens. This beard wash contains tea tree oil which is a great natural antiseptic to clean and kill bacteria. It also contains rosehip seed oil and jojoba oil which act as an anti inflammatory to help keep the skin hydrated and healthy. This will leave the beard feeling soft with a hint of mint freshness.   

Who’s it best for: This beard wash is ideal for all beard types.

3. Mountaineer Brand Beard Wash

If you’ve found that some beard shampoos have been a little harsh and have caused you some beardruff, it might be worth considering a more mild beard shampoo that won’t strip away the essential oils from your skin and facial hair. This Mountaineer Brand Beard Wash will be gentle on your hair and skin but will also ensure your beard and skin are cleansed sufficiently. 

Who’s it best for: This beard wash is ideal for those looking for a mild beard wash.

4. Jack Black - Beard Wash

Dermatologically tested, this Jack Black Beard Wash has a unique formula which is packed with vitamin and plant based ingredients, proven to  provide essential cleansing action. This removes the buildup of debris, dry skin and oils from both facial hair and skin whilst moisturizing and conditioning at the same time. This will ensure a healthy and soft beard without the worry of dryness that can lead to itching. 

Who’s it best for: A beard wash good for those with skin which requires extra care.

Viking Revolution Beard Wash

5. Viking Revolution Beard Wash

One of our top ranked beard shampoos is by Viking Revolution, which is ideal for all types of facial hair, even the most coarse. It lathers up into a rich cleanser that removes unwanted debris whilst nourishing and conditioning the beard and skin. This helps to get rid of itching, scratching and the dreaded beardruff. 

Who’s it best for: This beard wash is great for men with the thickest of beards.

6. Cremo Face and Beard Wash

If you are a wash and go type of guy and are looking for something that’s less hassle to use then you should try this Cremo Face and Beard Wash. This is a single product to cleanse both face and beard. It’s specially formulated with tea tree and almond to provide a deep clean, removing dirt and grime from the facial hair and face whilst leaving it soft, hydrated and healthy. 

Who’s it best for: men looking for a hassle free face and beard wash, all in one.

7. ZEUS Beard Shampoo

For the man that takes their grooming seriously, this beard shampoo by Zeus is a good choice. This is suitable to cleanse, hydrate and control frizz for all types of beards, either long or short. Its formula has a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory to ensure the skin and beard is clean and healthy. It also contains dragon blood plant extract to help the beard remain soft and free from itching and flaky beardruff. Also has a very pleasing scent of vanilla rum.

Who’s it best for: This beard shampoo a good all rounder wash, suitable for all types of beards.

Billy Jealousy Beard Shampoo

8. Billy Jealousy Beard Shampoo

If you’re looking to buy a wash that will boost your beards appearance with a healthier and fuller look, this beard shampoo by Billy Jealousy is the one for you. This helps to stimulate hair follicles which in turn promotes a healthy beard growth, whilst also cleansing and conditioning for more manageable facial hair.   

Who’s it best for: This beard shampoo is good for men who are looking for a fuller and thicker beard.

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