A List Of 15 Places to Meet A Woman

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Single women can be found in the most unexpected of places. Many of us won’t realise that, every day, there are countless opportunities to meet a woman. You don’t need to venture out on the town and many opportunities to meet a single woman can be incorporated in to our everyday lifestyles and routine.

Studies have shown that the following are the best places to find a woman.

1. Online Dating Site

Online dating was frowned upon in the early days when it was introduced as a place to meet a woman. However, nowadays – it’s the number one place to meet singles and, in today’s world – the most accessible way to find them too. Most people use dating apps on their mobile phones and so can connect anywhere they have a signal including on their commute to work, over a lunch break and lounging around at home. Finding a relationship, hook up with women or anything else you’re looking for with the opposite sex has never been easier with online dating, however, there are a few considerations. There are false profiles to contend with, trolls and you won’t have the benefit of being in a position to truly assess a woman’s looks and personality until you’ve seen her in person (if she’s only providing you with head shots – it’s because she’s fat).

2. Bars and Clubs

Bars and clubs still rank high as the best places to meet a woman. It’s held it’s top place for a long-time, well before online dating came on the scene. Bars and clubs are a great place to meet a female and, as they’ll be in person – there are no nasty surprises (as there often are with online dating i.e turning up for a pre-arranged date and finding she’s a heffa). When we go out out on a night out, we make ourselves look the best we can which (along with the alcohol) will give us an extra bit of confidence around women.

3. Work Place

Don’t overlook the workplace as it’s a great place to discover single women. At work, you may be oblivious to the fact that you are surrounded by single women all day. It doesn’t matter what job, career or workplace environment you’re in – the likelihood is, is that there will be single women around. It’s true to say that you’ll have more chance of meeting a woman in certain work environments (for example, imagine you’re a bartender with girls approaching you all night). Take care though, your boss might have something to say if a failed relationship with a colleague starts to impact on the workplace.

4. Social Media

All of us use it and so it’ll likely come as no surprise that the use of social media is a great place to meet a woman. Consider Facebook – connecting with old friends, liking photos, sending personal messages, keeping your status updates public with tags – all these things will increase the chances of you meeting a woman online. Single women can be found everywhere across social media – Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even Myspace (yes…it still exists). Take care when approaching women on business related social media platforms (such as LinkedIn) – some will take exception at being contacted in relation to personal matters via their business profile.

5. Though Friends

Meeting people through friends scores highly when trying to meet a woman. A lot of us will forget about friends and wouldn’t consider asking them a) if they know any single people and b) if they can set anything up for you. However, through friends, we have the potential to meet many new people including single women. Many people have held down successful relationships after meeting a ‘friend of a friend’.


6. Wedding

Weddings are not considered the most fun events for men – most of us find them a bit draining and long drawn out. However, a lot of men don’t realise that weddings are the place to be come across single woman. Women love weddings – and they tend to be on their best behaviour and so may be more open to being approached. They’re also an envious bunch – a single women watching a wedding will consider her own situation and will likely hold more romantic motivation to seek a man.

7. Festival or Concert

We all enjoy a festival or concert. Jam-packed full of single ladies, looking good and enjoying themselves. It might be surprising that festivals and concerts are a good place to find a single woman, however, if you’re both at the same gig, you’ve got something in common already.

8. The Gym

A lot of us have already discovered that the gym is a good place to meet a woman. Lots of us live hectic lifestyles and so it may be difficult to find the time to come face to face with a single woman. However, incorporating a search for a woman into our daily routine is genius idea for those who are short on time for anything. We’re becoming more and more health conscious these days and so you won’t find the gym short of women. Women don’t tend to spend a lot of time where men do in gyms – many prefer classes or machines, staying away from free weight areas. Make sure you mix up your gym routine so you’ll have more chance of encountering women.  

9. Dog Walking

Dog walking makes our list as one of the best ways of meeting a woman. If you haven’t got your own dog, borrow a mates or volunteer to take a neighbor’s out as there’s a good chance you’ll pick up some women along the way.  There are many women who enjoy a walk alone with their dog – it doesn’t mean they’re all single, however, if they are and you make your move who knows where this could take you. We’ve all seen the amount of puppy and dog photos online and the amount of attention they get from women and so even if it’s just you out walking your dog, you may well get approached.

10. College or Uni

When we were younger there was no better place to meet girls than at college or uni. In fact, this was the only place many of us had to have easy access to girls. Nowadays, most of us don’t have any cause to visit any educational establishment, however, taking up a new hobby or course at college or uni as an adult learner may get you in touch with women. You don’t have to choose a hardcore subject or a course that is particularly long – it could be something leisurely that you’ll enjoy such as a short cookery course, basic language or something artistic (all of these subjects will attract a fair few females).

11. Holidays

Going on holiday still scores highly as a good place to meet a women. Holidays get overlooked by single men who want to discover females but, wherever you go abroad, you will find single ladies, letting their hair down and being more open to a holiday romance….and who knows where that might lead. Holidays specifically for solo travellers may be particularly fruitful.

12. Public Transport

If your a person that usually drives to work or anywhere else, consider taking public transport instead. Public transport such as the bus or subway will increase your chances of encountering a woman. Make sure you keep your body language and behaviour open – a woman isn’t going to be interested in a person who has his head in a book or who is tucked away in a corner with his headphones on.   

14. Social Event

Any event that involves contact with other people will give you the opportunity to hook up with women. These include volunteering and charity events, meet-ups with people who have the same interests as you, after-work drinks and get togethers with friends. The trick is to say ‘yes’ to every social event offered to you as the chances are, there will be single women around. If you don’t have a group of friends to hang out with, consider starting your own social group around your hobbies and interests, no matter how quirky they are.

15. Outdoor Activity

Being outdoors trekking, climbing, biking or anything else will increase your chances of meeting a woman. If you encounter a woman outdoors doing the same activity as you, you’ll have common ground already. If you want to meet a woman, you will have more success if you find someone with the same interests as you. If you’re new to being outdoors, start off with something gentle such as walking or trekking – don’t throw yourself into extreme sports without some prior exposure and experience. You could consider going on some training, for example, a short climbing or mountaineering course – yet another place where you have the potential to meet women.

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