Easy Online Dating Tips for Men

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If you are looking for online dating advice, you’re in the right place. You may have already used internet dating before to connect with women and never had much success or you’re just new to dating online and don’t know where to start. Man’s Black Book has taken time out to research the best and most helpful online dating tips for men that will enable you to attract a woman online whether you’re looking for a relationship, casual encounter or anything else.

You might be using the world wide web to find a lifetime partner. Or you may just be interested in a rebound girl or one night get together. It doesn’t matter what type of hook up you are interested in – our approach will work on all women.

Have a good online profile

First things first and it may seem like we’re stating the obvious; the most important online dating tip is the ensure the content of your profile is sufficient enough to arise some intrigue in a woman. It’s the first thing a woman’s going to come across and you’ll need to ensure that its up to scratch to get her view it. Unlike men, women actually read through your dating profiles to see what your all about. If there is nothing on there, she’ll likely wont engage with you.  

Good profile description

Another essential online dating tip is to have a good dating profile whichever dating site you use. This is where you can state who you are and what you are looking for. It’s best to be completely honest, for example, if you are not looking for a relationship and only want a casual hookup, make sure you state this (even though we know some women will choose to ignore this in the belief they’ll be able to change your mind). If you’re looking for a relationship, it’s best to describe this by saying you are in a great place in life and would like to find a life partner to join you. Always write in a way that is engaging – definitely no negativity (i.e putting “NO TIME WASTERS” on your dating profile indicates an angry and sulky man who’s value with women is to be messed around).

Let’s face it, writing about ourselves is cringeable. But if you want to be attractive to women online, you’ve got to make yourself sound interesting enough so that she feels you are worth talking to. The key is not to overly write about yourself so that there isn’t any mystery – she won’t have anything to ask you later on.

Under no circumstances should you mention how loved up you are with your children. This is an instant turn off for women, particularly those who do not have kids. One of the worst profiles we came across in our research was a man who had only stated, “My name is James. I have a 10 year old daughter and she is my whole life”. This indicates there is no room for anyone else. Women don’t want to hear that shit.

A good online dating profile requires good profile photos

When woman say “looks aren’t everything” they are full of shit. Looks are just as important to them as it is to us and so you’ll need to have the best possible photos on your dating profile. When a woman views your photo, she’ll make up her mind about you in the first few seconds. In these critical few seconds, you will need to make an impact if you want to attract her attention and get on with arranging a first meet.

You’ll need a selection of photos that show you smiling and having fun and in a variety of different places. Avoid several selfie-type photos that will make her think you’re a narcissistic douchebag. Use photos that reflect you lifestyles and your hobbies for example if you like to socialise or you’re an outdoors person.

Do not, under any circumstances, include pictures of you with your kids on your dating profile. This is a complete turn off for women. This is something you can chat about when you connect. Also avoid photos of cars and motor bikes (it’s an online dating site, not auto-trader) and pictures of you looking unhappy – who would want to date a mardy twat?

Have fun with filters but not overly.

Starting a conversation

If you see somebody you like, don’t waste time in contacting them. Simply send them a message. Don’t hang around waiting for a reply either – move on to the next dating profile. Do not chase up your message under any circumstances – she has received it and will reply if you are of interest to her.

The best way to start a conversation with a woman online is to read over her dating profile and then to ask her something specific in relation to this. For example, if you notice from her pictures she’s on a beach somewhere, you may wish to open your conversation with this eg. “Hi. That beach looks amazing. Where is it? I’m Brad by the way”. If you notice from her write up that she works in a particular area, tailor your question to include something about this eg. “Hello. How’s your week been? Working in law must keep you out of mischief! I’m Sam – be great to hear back from you”.

Do not start a conversation by sending just a “hi”. This will not impress a woman in the slightest. Also, “hello sexy” is never a good move – this will make a woman feel you are only interested in sex.

Do not send a generic message that you have sent out to multiple women under any circumstances. Women will be able to spot this and will figure you haven’t bothered to read her profile to get to know about her.

Always watch your grammar and spelling and do not use ‘txt talk’. If you struggle with spelling and grammar, use a type as y talk or spelling app.

Keeping a conversation:

Getting her to talk is one thing, keeping her interested is another kettle fish all together. For [email protected] sake, do not be too keen or desperate. Do not reply to her messages within a millisecond of receiving hers. Do not keep saying how gorgeous or sexy she is. Nobody likes someone that is over the top. Women still enjoy the chase and keeping our distance makes them crave our attention more.

Keep your options open

Another online dating tip for you is to try to keep your options open when it comes to talking to women online. Don’t focus all your attention on one women as that will often lead to disappointment. Also, when you do that, you’ll be missing out on the hundreds of other dating profiles that may also be of interest to you.

Not taking too long to go on a date

If you’ve been talking with her for a few days over the net, send her your mobile number so that she can text or whatsapp you. Also, don’t hang around too long proposing a date to meet up. Most women will wait for a man to make a move in this regard and will likely give up on you if you don’t show an interest in arranging a date.

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