Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash


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If you don’t like using harsh chemicals on your skin, Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash may be the product for you.

It’s a 100%, all-natural product, infused with a variety of ingredients such as active charcoal, jojoba oil, aloe vera and olive oil. When combined, these gently remove day to day dirt and target the pores for a deep cleanse, all the while ensuring the skin retains its natural moisture. 

This face wash will leave the skin refreshed and hydrated - ideal for guys with sensitive and dry skin types.

Who it's best for:

Men who have sensitive, normal and dry skin

What it does:

Removes dirt, grime and dead skin cells without stripping natural moisture in the skin


No harsh chemicals, mild on the skin, packed with vitamins

Key Ingredients:

Eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint


Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash Review

It would seem that there is a large movement behind products with 100% natural ingredients and Brickell grooming products are already miles ahead with this. 

We were really looking forward to trying out this Brickell product and, when we finally got to testing it, found the consistency of the product to be a little thin. Certainly thinner than a great deal other face washes on the market. However, Brickell can be forgiven, considering this face wash is enriched with all natural ingredients. 


As above, we are aware that products which include all natural ingredients tend to have a different consistency and texture to chemically made grooming products. So, bear in mind that when you do apply this product, it will come out on the watery side compared to other face washes you may have tried. 

Due to this consistency, there was some wastage. It can take a good few goes before you master the best way of dispensing the product without losing any.  

You’ll find a mild scent that’s both pleasant and refreshing. You won’t find Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash will lather up well so getting it from your hands, onto your face may well be another challenge. However, once it’s applied to the skin, it’s both tingling and refreshing. 


Moving on to performance, it’ll do. It’s not a highly powered performing product but it will cleanse the skin and leave it feeling fresh. Men who work in dirty and dusty environments may find they need a couple

of cleanses with this product or else to find a heavier duty, alternative product. All in all, though - skin will feel better after a couple of weeks and thanks to the all natural ingredients, it’ll be balanced and less irritable. 


Next was the price. We found this to be a little overpriced for what it is, even though it’s an all natural grooming product. It’s still a really great product and well worth a go. Everyone's skin is unique and your experience may be on par with hundreds of other users who recorded outstanding reviews for this Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash. 

Overall experience:

After using Brickell Men’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash, we found it had a pleasing scent and left the skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. It’s also a comfort to know you’re washing your face with a product that contains no harsh chemicals - only 100% natural ingredients go into this face wash. 

On the downside, this does come at a price and many may find this expensive in light of its watery consistency and failure to lather up as well other face washes out there. Well worth a go but bear in mind the notes above about performance and product consistency. 

If you're a guy looking for an all-natural face wash, then Brickell is the way to go. It will be hard to find a better all natural wash. But if you aren't particularly bothered about using an all-natural product, cheaper (and better) cleansers for your skin type can be found on our list of best face washes for men

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