Bulldog Original Face Wash Review

Bulldog Original Face Wash


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Bulldog Original Face Wash is an effective and affordable face wash, ideal for guys who have normal skin types.

It’s been formulated with aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea - all ingredients which are mild on the skin but powerful enough to remove daily dirt and grime. 

This will leave skin feeling refreshed and cleansed, without drying it out.

Who it's best for:

Ideal for men with normal to sensitive skin types

What it does:

Removes daily pollution from the pores whilst helping to keep the skin hydrated


Mild on the skin, lathers up well, does not dry the skin out.

Key Ingredients:

Aloe vera, green tea and camelina oil


Bulldog Original Face Wash Review

Bulldog has become a popular choice amongst men, as a brand available online and in larger retail stores. Due to it being so accessible, there’s a good chance many men will have already tried this product. Some men may even be still using it. 

Bulldog’s formula is derived from natural ingredients, but it’s not 100% natural. That’s ok though, it’s formulated to be mild on the skin. 

What will be a concern from men is whether or not it can stand up to day to day challenges, such as dirty and dusty work environments. 

Reviews of all our products fall into three main categories: quality, performance and price. 


The first thing you’ll notice when washing your face with Bulldog Original Face Wash is its thicker consistency. Great for guys who aren’t impressed with watery cleansers, often found in cheaper, lower quality products. It has a mild but masculine scent that isn’t overpowering. Most men will be comfortable with this and it’s important to note that milder scents aren’t indicative of lower quality products. 


You'll likely notice, on the first day of using Bulldog Original Face Wash, how well the product develops into a rich foam consistency. This feels refreshing when applied to the skin. As it’s a mild formula, skin will not feel tight or irritated for most men who use this product. The skin is left feeling cleansed and comfortable.

After a week of use, skin showed no signs of drying out and still looked bright and refreshed. However, our honest review is that this face wash didn’t quite cut it when a more thorough cleanse was required. For example, after going to the gym or working in a dusty and hot working environment. Saying that, this face wash hasn’t been formulated as a deep cleanser, so it wasn’t really expected.


Moving on to price. Like all Bulldog products, this is super affordable and ideal for those who are working on a budget. Top marks for affordability; Bulldog retails for around $9 dollars.  

Overall Review:

Bulldog Original Face Wash is great value for money. It does exactly what it says it will - a mild face wash designed for men with normal skin. Despite it not giving you a deep cleansing experience, it still leaves the skin feeling clean without any dryness or irritation. 

We wouldn't recommend using this product if you are a guy who is active or somebody who works in a hot, dusty or dirty environment. These men will need a product which is capable of a deeper cleanse. In our opinion, this Bulldog face wash will not cut it for this group of men.

If you’re not sure if Bulldog is the right product for you, see our list of 20 best face washes for men. This will help you determine the best face wash for your particular skin type. 

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