KIEHL'S Age Defender Cleanser review

KIEHL’S Age Defender Cleanser


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If you’re interested in gaining back a few years, Kiehl’s Age Defender has been specially formulated with the older gentlemen in mind. It's a dual-action exfoliating cleanser, which also acts as a face mask. 

It has a unique blend of Moroccan lava clay and phytic acid to remove dead layers of skin, to leave it more refined and firmer. Kiehl’s Age Defender can either be used as a daily cleanser or, for when the skin requires a deeper clean, a face mask - helping to give the appearance of a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Who it's best for:

This cleanser has been designed for mature gentlemen and is suitable for all types of skin.

What it does:

Deeply cleans the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, removes dirt, excess oils and dead skin.


Can be used as cleanser or face mark, remove impurities, smooths out skin texture

Key Ingredients:

Moroccan lava clay and phytic acid


KIEHL'S Age Defender Cleanser Reviews

Like all Kiehl products, we had high expectations around their Age Defender. Reviews by men across the internet were outstanding and, out of all the brands we’ve tested at MBB, Kiehl’s has always been to the highest quality. 

We tested Kiehl's Age Defender on our usual categories; quality, performance and cost.


The first thing you’ll notice about this product is its colour - black (be warned, those with white towels!) It has a pleasant, earthy aroma (not too overbearing) its consistency is on the thin side. There are the right amount of cleansing beads for your face and, should you wish to use it as a mask, it’s easy to apply. This product does not lather up, but as this is a cleanser, don’t expect it to do so. 


After one wash using Kiehl's Age Defender, many men are amazed at the dramatic improvement in their skin complexion. Skin will feel thoroughly cleansed and smooth (the microbeads buff away dead skin which builds up on the skin). 

After a week of use, we found the skin did appear more youthful, tighter and firmer. Saying that, those guys who have sensitive skin may find this product a little abrasive and may suffer unwanted side effects with prolonged use, if they’re overusing the product or not using it correctly. 

When used as a mask, we think it’s best to jump in the shower when you want to remove it - only because removing it at the sink may cause a mess, what with this product being black. However, once the mask has been removed, skin feels rejuvenated, super clean and smooth, thanks to its ability to deeply cleanse the pores and any excess oils on the skin. 

Price: Kiehl’s Age Defender retails for around $26 to $30. This is a fair price for a good quality cleanser on the high street but we know some men find it difficult to part with their hard earned cash for a cleanser of this price. Considerations should include the fact that this product also acts as a mask and exfoliant (saving you money - no need to fork out for separate products) and it being of higher quality than other men’s grooming items you'll find on the shelves (you get what you pay for). 


Our overall experience of using the Kiehl’s Age Defender was that it was miles better than we expected it to be (and our expectations of Kiehl’s was already high, before we used this product). We would go as far as to say that it’s one of the best facial cleansers we’ve ever tested at Man’s Black Book. Men may feel reluctant to spend a few more dollars on a facial cleanser like this - however, it should be noted that men may save more in the long run, what with this acting as a cleanser, exfoliant and mask. The bottom line is - this is worth every cent for the results - great looking skin which feels and looks amazing. 

This is ideal for guys who are looking for a cleanser which thoroughly and deeply cleans the skin. As a recommendation, guys who have sensitive or dry skin should only use this product every other day (or even less per week for more extreme cases) as such men may find it too harsh on the skin. However, men with normal, combination or oily skin will find this a dream. 

If you feel that this is not the right cleanser for your skin, because it’s expensive or for any other reason, check out our full list of the 20 best face washes for men.

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