Rugged and Dapper Daily Face Wash



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Save time with triple action Skin Fuel for Men by Rugged & Dapper (triple action as in a face cleanser, exfoliate and toner, all in one). 

Rugged & Dapper facial cleanser is infused with natural ingredients such as willow bark, burdock root, jojoba beads, vitamin C and aloe vera. 

Its cleanser removes unwanted dirt, grime and excess oils deep within the pores. At the same time, it’s mild exfoliator clears away dead skin cells to reveal brighter and tighter skin. 

This also includes a toner to assist to tighten up pores and restore the natural pH balance of your skin. The overall result is skin that both looks and feels great.

Who it's best for:

Ideal for normal, combination and oily skin types.

What it does:

Gently removes dead skin and excess oils.


A facial cleanser, toner and exfoliate all in one. Uses natural ingredients and energises the skin.

Key Ingredients:

Willow bark, burdock root and aloe vera.



Rugged & Dapper facial cleanser is one of the top selling men's cleansers on Amazon and so we were intrigued to see why this product had become so popular amongst men. 

After a fair bit of research on this facial cleanser we discovered that this also acted as an exfoliant and toner. Not only that, Rugged & Dapper claim this product is suitable for all types of skin, including acne and dry.

We are always sceptical around products who boldly claim they are multi purpose and suitable for all skin types. We did find it hard to comprehend how a face wash or cleanser that could work for acne type skin could also perform well for those with dryer skin types. 

Men who have oily skin would likely know already that they will require a face wash which removes excess oils whilst men who experience dry skin require products to lock those oils within the skin. 

Despite our apprehension, we thought we’d give it a go. 

As with all of our grooming products, we reviewed Rugged & Dapper Skin Fuel For Men on its quality performance and price. 


First up is quality. This product has the right consistency for a good wash. It's not overly watery and you will likely enjoy the refreshing citrus aroma which is not at all overbearing.

Rubbing it together in your hands, you’ll notice only a small amount of jojoba beads and so there’s no worry of any irritation from over exfoliation (having a cleanser or face scrub with too many scrub particles may lead to irritation, dryness and other kinds of skin problems). 


After washing your face for the first time with Rugged & Dapper face cleanser, you will feel your skin has been thoroughly cleaned. Its added particles are not too abrasive but will make enough of an impact to rid the skin of dead skin cells. 

Skin will feel smoother after just one wash but do pay attention when rinsing (the particles stick to skin and beards well). 

The added toner and exfoliate improved overall skin complexion and skin did feel less greasy for several hours. 

However for guys that lean toward dryer skin types, skin could feel a little tighter and dryer after prolonged use (a good moisturiser can resolve this issue). 


Rugged & Dapper Fuel For Men retails for around $25. Some may feel this is quite expensive for a facial cleanser, however - considering this is a larger size bottle (8oz), you’re basically getting two bottles for the price of one. Bear in mind as well that this is a multi action product in that you’re also getting an exfoliate and toner included. In light of all this, we feel this product is good value for money.


The overall experience of this Rugged & Dapper cleanser was very good. We were a little dismissive of its claims that it could work for all skin types but found ourselves pleasantly surprised at how good results were. The skin felt deeply cleansed and refreshed after use and also appeared more balanced and toned. Saying that, as good as this product is, we don’t feel it’s suitable for men who have very dry or sensitive skin. 


We recommend this Rugged & Dapper product for any guys who require a little bit more from their face wash, such as those who work in a dirty environment who need a more powerful cleanser or those with oily or acne skin types. 

This product would also suit men who have trouble sticking to routine and who can’t be bothered using separate products. 

If you’re still unsure if Rugged & Dapper Skin Fuel is the right cleanser for you, see our full list of the 20 Best Face Washes For Men

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