First Date Advice: 11 Tips For Men On First Date

First Date Advice

What To Do On A First Date So you’ve managed to bag yourself a first date (or you’re considering asking someone to meet up). At Man’s Black Book we’ve taken the time to find out what it takes to achieve the perfect date and get you past first base. If you haven’t yet asked her […]

How To Tell She Is Cheating – 7 Signs

How to tell if she is cheating

If you’re wondering how to tell if she is cheating and are asking yourself whether or not your girlfriend or wife is being unfaithful, you must have good reason or else just a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right in your relationship (and there’s a lot to be said about a gut feeling).   […]

9 Ways To Spot If She’s A Gold Digger

gold digger main

When we think of a good digger, Anna Nicole Smith and J Howard Marshall might come to mind. Anna Nicole Smith was a young and beautiful woman who got herself hooked up with a wealthy 89 year old man who was already in God’s waiting room on the day their wedding. The fact of the […]

13 Ways To Gain Confidence Around Woman

How To Gain Confidence Around Woman

1. Why I have no confidence Why do you lack confidence with women? There could a number reasons. It may be the case that you live in fear of women as a result of rejection in the past. A girl may have laughed or taken the piss out of you in your younger years and […]

15 Ways To Tell If She Likes You

tell If She Likes you

When it comes to women and how to tell if she likes you, for some, recognising the signs she’s interested comes naturally. However, for most men, we seem to let these moments pass us by without even knowing we’ve just been hit on. Some men have reported being friends with a woman who they think […]

8 Things To Think About Before Dating A Single Mother

8 Things To Think About Before Dating A Single Mother

Just before you label her the love of your life, if she’s a single mother there are 8 things you need to consider before dating a single mother.  If you’re a bloke and you already have children, this may well not apply (because you’ll already have an idea of what you’ll be getting yourself in […]

9 Reasons You Can’t Seem To Find A Woman

9 Reason You Can’t Seem To Find A Woman

Here is a list of reasons why you can’t seem to find a woman. The fact that you’re having to read this means you’re probably not doing too well finding a partner. There could be a number of reasons why. Maybe you’ve just been out of the game for a while because you’ve just come […]