Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth 2020

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Name:Robert John Downey Jr.
Net Worth:$310 million
Actor Rich List Ranking:15
Born:US, New York

What is the net worth of Robert Downey Jr? 

Robert Downey is a successful American actor and singer who was born in New York City. 

He’s best known for starring in Marvel films, playing the character of Iron Man. He is one of the wealthiest actors in the world also known for his roles in Sherlock Holmes and Tropic Thunder. 

Downey .Jr is currently one of the highest paid actors in the world; according to Forbes he earned in excess of $17 million in 2009 alone. 

Many sources cite Robert Downey Jr’s net worth at around $250 million. However, our research and sources have estimated that his real net worth is closer to $310 million, which puts Downey Jr. at 15th place on our top 20 richest actors in Hollywood list.

How is Robert Downey Jr worth so much money? 

Let’s take a glimpse into how Robert Downing Jr. managed to accumulate such a vast amount of money.  

Downey Jr has acquired most of his wealth from acting. It is said that he earned $250 million for playing Ironman alone. His portrayal of this character has been significant in Downey Jr’s earnings. 

Here is a quick summary of Downey Jr’s earnings per movie: 

  • Avengers: End Game (2019) $75 million
  • Avengers: Infinity War (2018) $75 million 
  • Iron Man 3 (2013): $75 million 
  • Captain America Civil War (2016) $40 million
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) $40 million 
  • The Avengers: (2012) $50 million 
  • Iron Man (2008) $500,000 
  • Iron Man 2 (2010) $10 million
  • Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows(201): $15 millon
  • Sherlock Holmes (2009) $9 million
  • Spider Man Homecoming (2017) 10 million 

He also earned himself a tidy $12 million dollars for an endorsement deal with OnePlus Company, helping to promote their smartphone. 

Robert Downey Jr’s career portfolio: 


Robert Downey Jr got his first taste for acting in 1970 in a film called Pound which was written by his dad, Downey Sr. He would later be cast in several low profile roles and finally found his feet when cast in the 1985 film, Tuff Tuff. Downey Jr then progressed into roles in Weird Science (1985), Less than Zero (1987) The Pick-Up Artist (1987) and Air America (1990), when he appeared alongside Mel Gibson. He also took the lead role for Chaplain (1992), eventually being selected to star as Iron Man for Marvel. 

Since Robert Downey Jr has been in acting, he’s starred in 63 movies. He has 13 Golden Globes, one Saturn Award and two Academy Award nominations.  


In 2004, Downey Jr released his own jazz and folk album called The Futurist. 


In 2010, Downey Jr started his own production company, Team Downey – which has produced movies Judge and Doolittle, both of which Downey Jr has starred in. 

For Robert Downey Jr. full bio see wikipedia


Robert Downey Jr has had his ups and downs over his career, however – the last couple of decades have been hugely successful. It’s his standard of acting that’s earned him the bulk of his $310 million fortune and at 55 years of age, there’ll be likely more to come. By the time Downey Jr has retired from his career, his forecasted earnings are in excess of $500 million.

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