32 Sexiest Blonde Actresses in Hollywood

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A list of the hottest blonde actresses in Hollywood.

Blondes may not really have more fun but they appear to do well in the acting industry, what with there being a good variety of sexy, fair-haired actresses on the go. Many of these blonde bombshell actresses also have solid, successful modelling backgrounds and it’s not hard to see why. See our list of the hottest blonde actresses, in order of sexiness.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Margot Robbie

1. Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is not only one of sexiest blonde actresses going, she is also one of hottest women on earth. Now 28, she has stunning blue-green eyes and a dazzling, Hollywood smile. She caught the eye of every man alive when she starred in the film The Wolf of Wall Street. Her other well known movies include Suicide Squad and Focus. She also takes first place on our list of the top ten sexiest actresses in Hollywood.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Scarlett Johansson

2. Scarlett Johansson

This New York lass, now 34, is every Marvel fan’s fantasy woman. Johansson is undoubtedly a very good actress and is also known by the masses for being one of the most sexiest women alive, what with her killer looks, rocking body and sexy voice. She can be found in movies such as The Avengers, Iron man, Lucy and Don Jon.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Charlize Theron

3. Charlize Theron

Finding an easy spot on our list of sexiest blonde actresses is Charlize Theron, now 43. Born in South Africa, I don’t think anyone can question Theron’s true beauty, what with her perfect features including stunning blue-green eyes.  She is one of the world’s most beautiful women, as evidenced by her modelling contracts. Known for movies Monster, Atomic Blonde and Mad Max: Fury Road, she can also be found on our over 40s sexiest actresses list.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Amber Heard

4. Amber Heard

Next up is the gorgeous Texan, Amber Heard, now 32. This sexy actress with blonde hair has been voted sexiest woman alive on several occasions and there’s good reason for that – what with her luscious, long locks and sultry eyes. You can catch her in movies such as London Fields, Drive Angry and Aquaman.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Amanda Seyfried

5. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried, now 33, is a fair haired beauty who was born in Pennsylvania. Also a model and singer, this American actress is ridiculously sexy with her captivating, full lips and curvy figure. You can see this hottest blonde in movies In Time, Mamma Mia, Gone and Jennifer’s Body.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Imogen Poots

6. Imogen Poots

This London born blonde haired actress is now 29. Poots oozes sex appeal. Her flawless skin and piercing blue eyes makes her one sexiest blonde actresses going. We need to see a lot more of her on screen. She’s best known for films Need for Speed, 28 Weeks Later and That Awkward Moment.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Rachael Taylor

7. Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor is another one of our sexiest blonde actresses. Now 34, she was born in Sydney, Australia. This blonde haired goddess has the power to seduce any man she desires with her captivating blue-green eyes and model looks. You can find her in Shutter, The Darkest Hour and Transformers.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Katheryn Winnick

8. Katheryn Winnick

Katheryn Winnick was born in Canada. She is now 41 and is a woman who most men find desirable, thanks to her true and natural beauty. She has lovely, fair hair and dazzling blue-grey eyes. You can find her in Polar, The Dark Tower and Love & Other Drugs but is best known for her role in Vikings.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Tamsin Egerton

9. Tamsin Egerton

Tamsin Egerton is an English born actress and model. Now 31, Egerton is known for her sexy, long legs and quirky style of dress. When she’s not playing tomboy in her style, this girl can really get herself glammed up. You can find her in films Love, Rossie, Chalet Girl and St Trinians.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Abbie Cornish

10. Abbie Cornish

Abbie Cornish is one of the sexiest blonde haired actresses in Hollywood. She was born in New South Wales, Australia and is now 36. She’s a real beauty and has a curvy body that really stands out on the red carpet. Cornish is definitely one of the sexiest blonde actresses there is. She’s starred in the likes of RoboCop, Limitless and Geostorm.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Melissa George

11. Melissa George

Melissa George is now 42. She was born in Perth, Australia and is still looking as hot a blonde as she did 10 years ago. She can be seen in movies such as 30 Days Of Night, The Amityville Horror and Triangle.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Katherine Heigl

11. Katherine Heigl

Despite being known as one of the most hated actresses in Hollywood (and practically ruining her career for being a complete bitch), there’s no denying that Heigl is a sexy blonde. Actress and model, Heigl (now 40) has starred in movies such as 27 Dresses, Knocked Up and The Ugly Truth .

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Alice Eve

12. Alice Eve

Also ranked on our hotties list is the gorgeous, London born actress, Alice Eve. Now 37, Eve has sexy eyes and a rocking figure and is known for her roles in My League, Star Trek Into Darkness and Replicas.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Naomi Watts

13. Naomi Watts

One of the oldest on our list of sexiest blondes is the gorgeous Naomi Watts who is now 50. Born in Kent, England, Watts is still one the hottest looking blonde actresses in Hollywood. She is genuinely beautiful and ridiculously sexy. She can be found in movies King Kong, The Impossible and The Ring.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Elisha Cuthbert

14. Elisha Cuthbert

Canada actress Elisha Cuthbert, now 36, can be found in TV series, The Ranch. But it was when she starred in The Girl Next Door when she really caught our eyes. She has stunning features and a tidy body. Her other movies include House of Wax and The Quiet.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Leslie Bibb

15. Leslie Bibb

Model and actress, Leslie Bibb, was born in North Dakota. Now 44, Bibb is an elegant, blonde haired actress but who also has sex appeal spilling over in several buckets. She’s known for films Iron Man 2, Tag and Law Abiding Citizen.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Blake Lively

16. Blake Lively

Next up on our list of sexiest blonde actresses is Blake Lively who is now 31. Born in California, she has an unforgettable smile and the natural ability to look good in front of any camera. You can see her in movies such as The Shallows, Savages and A Simple Favor.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Amy Smart

17. Amy Smart

Californian born Amy Smart is a blonde bombshell who is now 42. She’s been in a fair few movies including Road Trip, Just Friends and Crank. More girl next door than sexy, Smart keeps a stunning figure and is a fan of wearing low cut tops.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Hayden Panettiere

18. Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere, now 28 was born in New York. She’s always been a little cutie and has now transformed herself into one sexy woman over the years. I’m sure every man will agree that she has a gorgeous, curvaceous body and a dazzling smile. You can catch her in movies such I Love You Beth Cooper, Bring it On: All Or Nothing and Scream 4.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Natalie Dormer

19. Natalie Dormer

Blonde English actress, Natalie Dormer, was born in Reading. Most would agree that Dormer isn’t beautiful or pretty but she’s definitely got something sexy going on. She’s starred in movies such as The Forest, In Darkness and Captain America: The First Avenger. She’s likely best known for appearing in Game Of Thrones.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Leslie Mann

20. Leslie Mann

American actresses, Leslie Mann, was born in California. Known for her comedy roles in rom-coms such as This Is 40, The Other Woman and The Blockers – she’s still looking great at 46 years old. She has emerald green eyes and a sexy figure to die for.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Elizabeth Banks

21. Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks is now 45. She’s a sexy blonde actress who was born in Massachusetts. Many men find her super attractive and struggle to accept that she’s knocking on 50 what with her glowing skin and youthful looks. You can see her in movies Walk Of Shame, The Next Three Days and Silent Hill.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Christina Applegate

22. Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate was born in California. She’s a blonde actress who has sexy, hazel-green eyes (and she’s managed to keep a tidy and slim figure too – even though she’s approaching half a decade (now 47)). You can see her in films Vacation, The Sweetest Thing and Bad Moms.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Kristanna Loken

23. Kristanna Loken

Kristanna Loken is a fair haired New Yorker who is now 39. She’s been in movies Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine, Lime Salted Love and Black Rose. This girl takes care of herself, as evidenced by her super fit and slim body and flawless skin.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Maggie Grace

24. Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace was born in Ohio and is now 35. She’s amongst the group of sexiest blonde actresses and is a model who is known for her unusual and intriguing look (which includes a naturally plump set of lips). She can be found in movies such as as Taken 1, 2, and 3, Lockout and The Hurricane Heist.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Sienna Miller

25. Sienna Miller

Sienna Rose Diana Miller is a blonde bombshell who has beautiful, sapphire eyes and a smile that’s capable of lighting up any room. Now 37, this golden haired beauty was born in New York. She can be spotted in movies American Sniper, G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Layer Cake.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Katrina Bowden

26. Katrina Bowden

Super hot Katrina Bowden is a blonde haired American actress was who born in New Jersey. Now 30, she is the envy of women worldwide with her perfect figure and stunning looks. You can see this sexy blonde in movies Sex Drive, Tucker & Dale vs Evil and American Reunion.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Hunter King

27. Hunter King

This fair haired bombshell is 25 year old. Born in California, King can be found in Avery Killer and TV series The Young And The Restless and Life in Pieces. King has always taken pride in her appearance – she has immaculate hair and makeup up a couple of dazzling enhancements to match.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Claire Holt

28. Claire Holt

Another Aussie to add to our list of sexiest blonde actresses is Claire Holt who is now 30. Born in Queensland, she has gorgeous, long blonde hair and a tidy and slim figure. You can catch her in movies 47 Meters Down, The Divorce Party and Mean Girls 2.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Jennifer Lawrence

29. Jennifer Lawrence

For some, Jennifer Lawrence, now 28 is a right hottie. For others…not so. But we think Lawrence definitely has something going for herself with her sexy, full lips and curves. Born in Kentucky, she can be found in Passengers and Red Sparrow but is best known for her roles in The Hunger Games.  

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

30. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is only 21 and was born in Plymouth, England. Although not everyone’s cup of tea, we think a fair few men will find her difficult to resist, with her slim and toned body, sexy blue eyes and full lips. You can find her in are the likes of Mad Max: Fury Road, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Love Me Tender…Or Else.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Chloë Grace Moretz

31. Chloë Grace Moretz

American actresses Chloë Grace Moretz was born in Atlanta, Georgia. At only 22, she’s already starred in 44 movies and has caught the attention of many a man around the world. Although not conventionally beautiful, Moretz has an unusual but sexy look about her. You can find her movies Kick-Ass, The 5th Wave and Greta.

Sexiest Blonde Actresses Radha Mitchell

32. Radha Mitchell

Radha Mitchell might not be everyone’s choice on a list of sexiest blonde actresses but she’s definitely got something going on with her fit body and stunning, green eyes. Now 45, she was born in Melbourne, Australia. She starred in films Man On Fire and Pitch Black.

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