9 Ways To Spot If She’s A Gold Digger

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When we think of a good digger, Anna Nicole Smith and J Howard Marshall might come to mind. Anna Nicole Smith was a young and beautiful woman who got herself hooked up with a wealthy 89 year old man who was already in God’s waiting room on the day their wedding. The fact of the matter is though, you do not have to be old to find yourself caught up with a gold digger.

Gold diggers really prefer young and rich men rather than men who are past their prime. As men, we tend to bring a gold digger on ourselves – we have good jobs with good pay, and like to flash it around buying super cars and big houses. If you’re out and about, showing off your cash as men like to do, you should be alert to the fact that you are making yourself vulnerable to an attack by a gold digger. Most gold diggers are stunning looking women, making it easier to manipulate men who are most likely thinking with their dicks in their company.

Ways that you can tell if she is a gold digger.

1. Money

Do we need to state the obvious? A gold digger’s main priority is your money. Even in the early stages of your ‘relationship’ she will establish your financial situation and will have a keen interest in what you work as, how much you earn and what assets you have to your name. If a girl makes any serious enquiries about this from the outset, run a mile.

2. Shopping

One of the main objectives of a gold digger is to find a man who will fund her shopping trips. There’s a good chance she will not be shy about asking for anything that she wants and, if she doesn’t get what she wants, you will see a change in her attitude towards you. This may include her sulking, cutting you off or even hysterics and outbursts.

 3. No Interest In You

A real gold digger will have no interest in you whatsoever (other than your money). She won’t want to know about your hobbies or interests, for example. If you tell her how your day has been, she will often respond in a cold and emotionless manner. When you are speaking with her, she may interrupt and speak about a completely different subject which confirms she wasn’t listening or interested in what you had to say.

4. Family And Friends

A gold digger will try and isolate you which will include separating you from your family and friends. They do this in fear that those closest to you will be able to spot their intentions and then warn you off. They will use phrases like “you don’t need them anymore, you have me” or “they’re just using you for your money” (the motivation behind this one is that she doesn’t want you spending the money she feels she is entitled to elsewhere).

5.  Work

When it comes to work, that is something that a gold digger is definitely not interested in. Her employment history will be limited or even none. Her ideal day will be the gym, a shopping trip and then lunch with fellow gold diggers (they tend to flock together – see below). A gold digger believes she should be a lady of leisure and that she is entitled to be taken care of.

6. Friends

What you may notice is that her friends and her are very much alike. Many gold diggers surround themselves with similar people so that they can validate their own lifestyle. Her friends may not work and she does not also. They will dress the same and have similar mannerisms. They have the same interests (mostly shopping). They will often go out to places together and try and out-do each other in terms of their winnings (often relating to designer clothes, shoes and accessories).

7. Only Nice When She Wants Something

Soon after engaging with a gold digger, you’ll start to notice that she is only nice or flirtatious around you when you are spending money on her of if she wants something from you. She will soon change back to her normal, self-centred self once you have given in to her demands.

8. Her Appearance

There is one thing that a gold digger always does and that is take pride in her appearance. This is her main weapon. The way she looks is important to her so she will always be immaculately dressed. She’ll also have regular appointments at the hairdressers and nail bar. The power of her appearance is key to her gaining everything she wants.

9. Has No Morals

A gold digger really has no morals. She will have no issue splitting up a marriage or family in order to get what she wants. Some gold diggers even go as far as to be a permanent mistress – as long as they’re being kept in a lavish lifestyle, she wont have an issue with this.  Gold diggers who are mistresses may even resort to emotional blackmail such as threatening to tell your wife that you have been unfaithful to her, particularly if you tell her that you wish to call things off.

Final Thoughts

If you believe that she might be a gold digger, put her to the test. You could tell her one night that you have lost your job and that you are going to have to sell your house or that you are going to have to give your car back and be a lot more cautious with your spending. If she’s a gold digger, she’s going to leave your company soon after in order to find someone else that’s going to keep her in the lifestyle that she wants.

If alarm bells are already ringing as you are reading this, you need to sever all contact with your gold digger urgently. If you’re already in too deep, for example, committed to marriage, organise a pre-nup agreement before the big day. We also recommend that you obtain advice around diluting your assets, for example, assigning them over to trusted family members so that you can retrieve them at a later date if things go wrong. A gold digger will stop at nothing in order to sink her teeth in to your bank balance and assets.

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