15 Ways To Tell If She Likes You

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When it comes to women and how to tell if she likes you, for some, recognising the signs she’s interested comes naturally. However, for most men, we seem to let these moments pass us by without even knowing we’ve just been hit on. Some men have reported being friends with a woman who they think may be developing more than platonic feelings towards them, however, are reluctant to do anything about it out of fear of having misinterpreted the girl’s behaviour. Other men, especially those who lack confidence, may be able to recognise the signs a woman likes them but then doubt and talk themselves out of taking any action in case they’ve got it wrong. Some men have been out of the game for so long that they just don’t know when a girl is flirting with them. For example, have you ever been told by a mate that someone was hitting on you and you were absolutely clueless to it? Men tend to be more obvious when letting a woman know they’re attracted to them whereas women are more discreet, dropping in subtle signs here and there and then leaving the men to do the chasing.

We have listed the most obvious and not so obvious signs that she likes you. It’s important to remember that all women are different. Some will give you signs that are especially difficult to spot, in particular, shy girls who aren’t comfortable to approach you for a chat (note – shy girls are extra difficult to read).

Don’t just go off one sign either. Try and piece together a few before you make your move.

1. Eye Contact

They say our eyes tell a thousand words and that is especially true when it comes to women. The eyes are a first point of contact and, if you’re switched on to it, you’ll be able to spot if you have stimulated any interest in her. Generally speaking, regular eye contact is one of the ways to tell if she likes you. A woman will let you know she finds you attractive by making initial eye contact with you and then continuing to do so regularly. Even if she doesn’t find you attractive, the fact that she is making eye contact with you suggests she finds you of some interest or that she finds you intriguing in some way which is a good foundation for you to make your move on. Even the most shy women are capable of making eye contact with someone who they find attractive or intriguing…but you’ll have to be on the ball with this. Shy women will often catch your eye and then immediately look away making it harder to spot she’s interested whereas a girl with more confidence will be more obvious and comfortable to hold your gaze. We can use our eyes to communicate a million messages without having to say a word.

Eyes and smile to tell if she likes you 2. Smile

A smile is another one of those ways to tell if she likes you. It can be a good indication she’s interested. Even the most shyest girls out there are capable of giving a cheeky little smile to let you know they’re there. When a girl smiles at you, it could be a sign that they’re hoping to get your attention and are giving you the green light for you to approach them. However, this really is dependent on the context and so you’ll need to take care. For example, a one off smile from a girl in a business meeting may just be a pleasant and professional greeting or a sign of politeness. However, a repeated smile from a girl in the bar may be different altogether. Therefore, when it comes to smiles, it’s best to see if you can piece it together with other signs she’s interested before making any moves.

3. Touching or Bumping

Her instigating physical contact is a sure sign that she likes you. This may be very discreet, especially if it’s coming from someone that’s shy, and so it’s important to be switched on to this sign that she is interested. It might be that she brushes up beside you as she walks by or places a hand on your back as she squeezes through the crowd. She might touch your arm briefly when she’s talking with you or wriggle her way beside you at a busy bar. Physical contact from her is demanding your attention.  

4. She will Find you Funny

Another way to tell if she likes you is if she makes a point of laughing at your jokes and stories, not matter how lame they are. If a woman laughs with you, she’s letting you know she’s enjoying your company and is having fun with you. When ‘perfect man’ conversations come up between women, a man that makes them laugh is always near the top of the list. Women find a funny man irresistible and, by laughing at your jokes, she’s letting you know you’ve ticked the box in this regard.

5. She Always Talks To You

Another way to tell if she likes you is if she goes out of her way to talk to you. A more confident girl will always make an effort to come over and talk to you when she spots you’re out and about. This is a huge sign that she is interested in you because, believe me, if she didn’t like you and didn’t want your attention, she wouldn’t approach you and certainly wouldn’t make any effort to engage in any discussion with you. However, bear in mind that a shy girl might not always be comfortable to do this. Instead, she may offer you a wave from across the other side of the room or a smile here and there.

6. Licking her Lips

Believe it or not, a woman licking her lips may be a sign she likes you. When a woman licks her lips it might mean that she’s fantasising about kissing you or is making you believe that she is thinking in this way, even if she’s not actually engaging in the fantasy there and then. A more shy or anxious girl may lick her lips if she’s experiencing a dry mouth as a result of nerves. However, being nervous around you may also be a sign she is interested and that she is desperate to impress.

7. Social networking

A way to tell if she likes you is by the way she interacts around you on social media. If you’ve connected with her on social networking accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, a girl who is interested will be particularly active around your posts and updates. You’ll find that she will like your pictures shortly after you’ve uploaded them, will share your posts and comment on your status updates. Social media is great for shy girls who may not feel confident to tell you in person they’re interested. However, it’s also good for stalkerish women as well who want to know your every move and whereabouts!

8. Flicking Her Hair

A girl may consciously or subconsciously toss her hair around in front of you if she likes you. It’s usually a subconscious thing going back to times when a women wished to move her hair out of the way, in order to show a man they are attracted to, the skin around her ear and neck. A woman who deliberately tosses her hair in front of you is most certainly demanding your attention. She is letting you know that she is there, that she is interested and is trying to tempt you with her femininity.

9. Her Friends

Her friends can be a massive give away when trying to figure out if she likes you. You may spot her friends looking over at you and then giggling. They may change their tone when they see you coming,  for example, giving you an overly exaggerated greeting, leaving you feeling puzzled and that they know something you don’t. If girls behave like this with you, look to see who in the group isn’t engaging in it…that’s the one who’s likely interested.  

10. What She Says to You

Listen to what a woman says to you if you’re trying to figure out if she’s in to you. A woman that is interested will let you know she is single. She may not have the confidence to deliberately come out with it. However, she may refer to an ex-boyfriend or the fact that she’s no longer in a relationship. She may tell you that she wishes she could meet a nice guy and may even ask if you’re aware of anyone who may suit. Note – this isn’t her asking you to recommend a friend. That’s her giving you an opportunity to put yourself forward. Don’t be afraid of doing this – if it isn’t well recieved, you can easily laugh this off.

11. She Texts

If she has your number and you’re engaging in text talk, you can have a good indication of whether or not she’s interested in you by her behaviours around this. If you text her and she’s interested, she’ll waste not time in getting back to you. If she’s being affectionate, for example, using cute emojis and finishing off her text with a line of ‘xo’s, she wants you to know she has feelings for you. Texting is good for shy girls too – so if you’re having difficulty engaging with a shy girl you like in person, ask for her number or else drop her a message if you find her on any social networking sites. Note – don’t be disappointed if she doesn’t text you back immediately – it might just be a case that she’s busy.

12. Always Asking You Questions

She might ask you a lot of questions if she likes you (this is a common complaint from men who are in the early days of dating). Sometimes, men may feel under pressure with this and may akin it to being in an interview. However, if you’re being questioned by a girl you’re really in to, it’s best to entertain her whilst she does this, understanding that she’s doing this to try to figure you out. She may ask questions such as what you work as, who your friends are, whether you’re single and if you have any children.

13. Seeking Your Attention

If she likes you, getting your attention will be her aim. Even a shy person is capable of behaving in a way that demands your attention. She will walk past you more than a few times. She’ll look for a reason to talk to you. She will smile at you and attempt to catch your eye regularly. She will flirt and have open body language. She’ll look amazing in your company. You get the point. There is one thing that women love and that is to be noticed.  

14. Attractiveness

Women who like you will always look immaculate in your company. If they don’t, for example, you’ve caught them at the store without their makeup on one day, they’ll soon make a run for it and get as far away from you as possible. If a girl has presented herself before you and is looking and smelling great (i.e hair and nails done, makeup on and cutely dressed), this may well be her way of tempting you with her femininity and letting you know she wants to hook up.  

15. Acting Strange

Women who are interested in men may act strange around them. For example, they may waffle in your company. They may behave in a silly way or in a way that is not reflective of their usually high intellect. They may come out with dizzy things or behave in an overly feminine way in an attempt to attract you and make you feel more masculine. Weird behaviour is a sign that your company is impacting on her in some way – a good one to keep your eye on.


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