15 Top Women’s Sexual Fantasies

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What are the top women’s sexual fantasies?

Men have a tendency of being quite open about their sexual fantasies but women are a different story. Most of the time, men are clueless when it comes to knowing about women’s sexual fantasies, what their partner likes and what her desires may be. Women don’t help with this either, what with many of them being reserved and a great deal more secretive. 

There are a few reasons for this including women fearing the reaction from their guys should their deepest and darkest fantasies be revealed. Because of this, some women may deny they even have any fantasies or will only openly support the ones they feel their man will be happy with. 

Of course, we are forever grateful for those women among us who are open about their sexual fantasies and who have no issue in talking about them. 

But if you don’t have one of those, our list of top women’s sexual fantasies might give you an idea of what’s going on in her head. 

1. Younger Man

Amongst the top women’s sexual fantasies is the desire to bed a younger man. 

Just as men fantasize about a hot, younger woman, women find the idea of exerting their sexual power over a man who is younger very appealing. 

2. Having Sex In A Public Place 

An oldie but significant one for women is having an illicit encounter in a public place. 

Sex in public can excite a woman beyond belief, what with the sense of danger, the fear or being caught and being overcome so much with desire that they cannot wait until they get home. 

3. Adding Another Person To The Bedroom  

Men aren’t the only ones who fantasize about threesomes. Amongst the top women’s sexual fantasies is adding another person, man or woman, to the bedroom. There’s a good chance a girl won’t admit to this but it’s our bet this has definitely crossed her mind. 

4. Sex With Your Friend

Women’s sexual fantasies can come as a bit of a shock. Like this one…sex with your friend. As disturbing a thought as this may be, it’s a common sexual fantasy amongst women to have sex or a sexual encounter with their partner’s friend. Have you ever had fantasies about sleeping with one of your friend’s hot girlfriends? Considered what it would be like? It works exactly the same way round for women! 

5. Sleeping With Another Woman

At the top of our list of women’s sexual fantasies is the thought of sleeping with another woman. Many women just won’t admit to this but it’s our bet that, at some point in her life, this would have been a consideration. 

Many women are straight but, in order to satisfy their need for a woman’s body, will enjoy themselves over porn featuring women only.   

6. Watching You Sleep With Another Woman

Next on our list of top sexual fantasies for women is the desire to watch you having sex with another woman. This fantasy is so common it even has a name (‘cuckqueen’). It normally involves you sleeping with a younger woman in front of her and this provoking intense feelings of desire in her. It’s one to tread very carefully around exploring with your current partner. Suggesting you sleep with someone else will raise concerns in most women. 

7. Having Rough Sex 

Many women fantasize about rough sex. This is a risk free one you can approach her about if you’ve not engaged in this type of sex previously. It’s true to say that most women will desire sensual and loving sex with their partner, however, there will likely be times when she’ll just want a quick, rough seeing to. Take care with this one, though. Women who desire rough or even dangerous sex regularly may be battling issues (including Daddy issues). 

8. Making A Homemade Adult Video 

Another top women’s sexual fantasy is making a homemade adult video with her partner. We know many women enjoy porn as much as men, however, some will be reluctant to admit this. A lot of women will attempt to satisfy their sexual fantasies by viewing porn and so may not be adverse to you suggesting you make a video together. 

9. Sleeping With Someone From Work 

Don’t let this one red flag you into thinking your girlfriend will actually sleep with someone at work. They very likely will not. However, another on our list of top women’s sexual fantasies is having sex or a sexual encounter with one of her colleagues. This can be a power sexual fantasy (either her exerting her power over a less senior colleague or a boss or manager controlling or dominating her). 

10. Being Dominated

Next up on our list of top sexual fantasies for women is being dominated by a man or woman. This is very, very common amongst women (think Fifty Shades of Grey) and involves you or someone else she has a fancy for sexually controlling her. This may appeal to strong women and women in positions of power, for example, those with a senior role who may be grateful for the opportunity not to lead as they will often do in their daily lives. 

11. Sleeping With A Famous Person

We’d say there is a huge percentage of men who have fantasised about sleeping with a famous person. Guess what? The same applies to women with an overwhelming number of them desiring a sexual encounter with someone famous. It might be very easy to explore this with a girl by simply asking her who she has the hots for. 

12. Sex With An Ex

This is one that most men will have difficulties dealing with. However, there is no denying that having sex with an ex is one of the most common sexual fantasies amongst women. Again, it is highly unlikely that a woman would engineer this sort of encounter, especially if she’s in a stable relationship with you. 

13. Strap On

Hold your breath and grit your teeth because this one might make you cringe. One of the top women’s sexual fantasies (which may horrifying for a number of men) is her wearing a strap-on and penetrating you. On one survey we stumbled across, this wasn’t the most popular sexual fantasy going, however, it was one that came up a number of times. We understand that most guy’s reaction to this will be, “keep dreaming love, because that’s off limits”. 

14. One Night Stand With A Stranger 

Women’s sexual fantasies can include having a one night stand with a stranger. This is one that pops up quite regularly…an encounter with a mysterious and handsome stranger after a night out. No strings sex or a one off encounter with someone there is no obligation to do anything else with can be very appealing to women.  

15. Giving Oral Sex

Finally, giving oral sex is amongst top women’s sexual fantasies. Therefore, if you are a man who doesn’t encourage this in your relationship, you might want to start giving this some thought. A woman in a committed and loving relationship will likely want to please her partner and so this is definitely one to explore with her if this is lacking.

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