How To Treat And Combat Oily Skin For Men

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Oily skin isn’t a pleasant thing to have. It doesn’t look particularly nice and can lead to spots, acne, blackheads and whiteheads due to the buildup of excessive oils. Managing it can be quite a challenge as well – men are often bothered with the greasy or sweaty looking appearance on skin which often occurs even after cleansing, i.e as soon as were out of the shower or bath. Luckily, there are quite a few products out there that can assist men to tackle oily skin, products that have come off the back of millions of pounds of research into men’s skincare.

You probably will know already what causes oily skin, but if you don’t, we’ll give you a brief description of what’s going on.

Men that have oily skin have a higher level of a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  This leads to the production of more sebum which is in the oil glands under the skin. This, in turns, results in your skin being more oily and greasy.

There is one perk of having oily skin – you might look younger for longer as finer wrinkles are often less visible on somebody with oily skin.

Thing To Avoid Doing With Oily Skin

There is so much information as to how men should treat oily skin but, before you start, there are some things you need to avoid doing before oily skin can be combated. As follows, you have to start with eliminating certain things that may contributing to the problem.

Touching your face:

We all touch our face without even noticing and this can occur several times a day. As an experiment, deliberately make an effort to notice how much you do this on an average day.  You’ll be surprised. Our fingers contain oils which can contribute to oily skin, as well as dirt and other nasties that won’t help the problem. Tip: as your trying to break this habit, carry around a skin sanitiser in your man bag and use regularly.

Overwashing your face:

It’s true to say that men with oily skin will need to wash more than those with dryer skin. However, overwashing can cause problems for oily skin especially if you’re being too harsh on it (i.e using firm, full hands to wash rather than just fingertips).

Overwashing can be quite a common thing for men with oily skin to do as they’re wrongly under the impression that this is the best thing to combat it. This isn’t true and, in fact, overwashing can lead to the overproduction of oily skin. Also, men with oily skin should avoid exfoliating every day. It’s not an effective way to manage the problem as this can damage the skin, resulting in the production of excessive oil.

Men with oily skin need to avoid anything that damages the skin (including red hot water when cleansing).

Using The Wrong Products:

Using the wrong products for oily skin is a big ‘no’, as the wrong products can accelerate the production of oil on our faces. There are products on the market today that are specifically designed for oily skin – these are the ones men with oily skin need to turn to.

Men with oily skin should avoid moisturisers with oil or coconut butter – your face has enough oil, it doesn’t need any more. Soap should also be avoided, along with cheap cleansers (as they wont contain the same ingredients as better products out there).

Avoiding Certain Food:

It goes without saying –  what we put in to our bodies will affect how we are on the outside, including the way our skin looks and feels. Avoid any type of junk, fast or processed food as all of these can contribute to oily and problem skin. We’re not saying avoid such food altogether – our lifestyles often wont allow this. Sometimes, you’re going to need something quick and convenient. However, it’s best to try and eat a well balanced, healthy diet which will, in turn, assist our skin to remain healthy.

Treatment to Combat Oily skin

There is often no, single cure for oily skin (i.e we can’t take a tablet to fix this). Therefore, the key to oily skin is to figure out ways to keep it at bay. Younger ones looking in might find they’re bothered my more skin problems than our more mature readers, for example, more oil, breakouts and acne to deal with. The good news is, the older we get, the less severe our skin problems are (for example, you often don’t see someone in their 60s with acne and whiteheads). In the meantime, following these steps on how to cleanse your face properly will help.

Washing our Face:

Oftentimes at Man’s Black Book, we’re asked how often a man with oily skin should wash their face.  Actually – this depends on the person and their individual skin. However, as a general rule washing once in the morning and before bed is deemed to be acceptable. Some men with really oily skin may wish to wash during the day and will often take their products to work for a freshen up. Again, perfectly acceptable as long as this is necessary and doesn’t result in over-washing. When washing our faces, we should only use our fingertips with a small amount of cleanser. Water should be lukewarm, not hot and should be fresh and running, not sitting in the sink. 

Face wash/cleaners:

Use a good cleanser which is designed for oily skin, such as one with salicylic acid, will help to remove excess oil without causing skin damage. Using products that aren’t suitable can lead to irritation which can result in the production of more oil. 

Lab Series for Men Oil Control Face Wash

Lab Series oil control has all the necessary active ingredients to help remove dirt and grim from the pores and eliminate any excess oil that’s one the face. Lab Series oil control wash should be be added to your daily routine to combat and treat oily skin.
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Lab Series for Men Oily skin Control Face Wash


Toner :

A toner is only required for those with oily skin. They help to remove excess oil build-up on the face and optimise the natural pH level of the skin. You can use your (clean!) fingers to apply the toner or else use a cotton wool pad. Toners are used as soon as you have washed or exfoliated your face. If you’ve never used a toner before, start off with using it twice a week to see how your skin gets on (take care around sensitive skin as a toner may cause irritation).

Lab Series Oil Control Solution

Lab Series oil control solution has active ingredients such as salicylic acid and witch hazel that helps resolve clogged pores and any excess oil sitting on the skin. It improves the natural pH balance of the skin leaving it crystal clear. It can also be used daily after cleansing for maximum effects. 

Lab Series Oily Skin Control Solution



Exfoliators are used to remove dead skin cells which will allow new cells to rejuvenate. Removing dead skin cells pave the way for other products to do their job such as toners and moisturisers. However, it’s important to note that an exfoliator should not be overly used. There isn’t a set rule as to how often a week a man should exfoliate, however, daily isn’t a good idea for oily skin. A lot of men get on well with exfoliating twice a week.

Lab Series Invigorating Face Scrub

Lab Series face scrub gives a deep cleanse, leaving skin invigorated and fresh. It works to remove remove dead skin cells that clog up the pores (which can be a cause of acne and oily skin).

Lab Series Invigorating Face Scrub


Moisturizers for oily skin:

When men have oily skin, they may be tempted to skip the moisturiser. But this is a really bad move as oily skin needs hydration in order to maintain healthy skin cells. Sometimes, the excessive production of oil is a result of skin that is too dry (the skin compensating by producing more oil to combat the dryness). We need to moisturise oily skin with an oil-free hydrator after ever wash.

LAB SERIES Oil Control Daily Hydrator

Lab Series oil control has everything you need as a moisturiser.  It’s a lightweight, oil-free lotion that’s specially formulated for people with oily skin. It can be used after every wash, leaving pores unclogged and skin hydrated.
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LAB SERIES Oily Skin Control Daily Hydrator



As men, we’re not really interested in a big bowl of salad. It’s just not on our list of food. However, it will likely come as no surprise that a well balanced diet will assist skin to remain healthy.  If you’re missing out on essential fats, vitamins and nutrients and you’re not drinking enough water, your skin will likely suffer. 


Unlike women who often have a face of makeup on, men are able to wash their face during working hours without issue. Get a travel size cleanser and moisturiser so you can nip away for a quite refresh when oil gets out of control.

If you followed this guide and your oily skin still persists, we’d recommend a check in with your doctor or professional dermatologist who may be able to assist you with a medical intervention.

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