18 Types Of Women On Online Dating

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What type of women are on online dating?

In today’s world, more and more men are taking to online dating. It’s the most convenient way to meet a potential mate and can fit easily around most men’s lifestyles. 

One of the downsides of online dating is that any woman can present herself online as anything she wants and it may be far from the truth, in real life. Many men have likely already encountered such an experience and are familiar with the disappointment one feels after meeting a woman and finding her not to be as she portrayed herself to be online. 

If you’re new to online dating or are a regular user, you might find this quick summary of the different types of women you’ll find online useful. 

1. The Homemaker

One of the different types of women you’ll find online is the Homemaker. This type of woman wants a man to look after her. She’s no gold digger but is content with not working and staying at home with a family and partner to take care of. This type of woman is very appealing to many men, especially those who want to be taken care of and not have to worry about house chores. 

2. The Rebound Woman

You’ll likely come across a fair few rebound women online. This online dating business is renowned for these types of women who are just looking for a man to use in order to get over a relationship. 

These women can be very difficult to spot but a huge warning sign is her telling you she has recently come out of a relationship. You might find she comes on thick and fast and shows plenty of interest, only to kick you to the curb when she’s got what she wants. 

3. The Health Freak

The Health Freak is one of the different types of women you’ll find online. Many men will feel they could take better care of themselves but the health freak will take this to another level. This type of woman will have already ran a 10K before you’ve thought about getting out of bed, will smash the gym for several hours in the day and will likely count calories at every opportunity. 

This type of woman can be well suited for fitness men but not for many others. Some may find these women distracted and obsessive. 

4. The Animal Lover

Many different types of women online have pets but the Animal Lover can take this love of animals to the absolute extreme. 

This woman makes it clear that animals are her life, often demonstrated by a multitude of photographs featuring several different animals. This is all cute and everything but will not he compatible for many men, especially those who enjoy a flexible lifestyle. 

5. The Catfish

I’m sure you’ve all heard of The Catfish by now. 

You’ll have to trust us when we say these women (or men who are pretending to be women) do exist online. 

Some men will be familiar already with the trauma of realising months down the line a woman who they were invested in emotionally didn’t turn out to be who they say they were. Oftentimes, men won’t get to know this as The Catfish can be there one minute and be erased from existence the next. Catfishes have gotten smarter over the years. Ask for regular pictures. 

6. The Dreamer 

The Dreamer is a type of woman who has had her fairytale life planned out since she was a little girl. 

This woman will know exactly what they want and it will often include a dream wedding, beautiful home, regular vacation and several children. This is often unrealistic for many women and so you’ll find, especially if they’re older, this type of woman is happy to settle with anyone who can give her what she wants. 

She may not even desire or love her partner, being more interested in how they can satisfy her idea of a dream life. Men will be deemed functional. 

7. The Gold Digger

We all know what the Gold Digger is. She’s out there for one thing only and that’s your money. 

These women can be highly attractive and extremely engaging…but only if you’ve demonstrated that you’re a man who has a healthy bank balance. Thankfully, these types of women are easy to spot. Their main concern will be what your job is, where you live and in what environment and how much your paycheck is.  

8. I Can’t Be On My Own

Different types of women you’ll find online will include those who are too scared to be alone.

These types of women won’t be fussed about who they’ll end up with, as long as they’re not on their own in the world. 

With these women, it’ll only be a matter of time before cracks start to appear in the relationship, what with them likely having rushed into a relationship with someone who wasn’t compatible, usually out of a fear that they just won’t manage on their own. 

Like the Rebound Woman, this type of woman is easy to spot (coming on strong early on).

9. Hot But Not 

There are so many different types of women online, many who present themselves as absolute stunners on their dating profiles. However, the sad truth is that men are often duped by these photos, not realising that the real deal is quite a different story. 

Be very careful of women who use heavy filters and who only post face shots (those women will likely be grossly overweight). 

10. Thinks She’s Better Than Everyone Else 

This type of woman will go through life pretending that she’s miles better than anyone else, but the reality couldn’t be any further from this. 

This type of woman will portray an expensive and lavish lifestyle, which is the lifestyle she feels she is deserving of. She will often live beyond her means, for example, buying designer dresses and shoes in the hopes that this will attract a man who will be able to accommodate her desired lifestyle. 

As with other types of women, this woman will come on strong if you give off the impression you are financially stable and is one to be avoided. 

11. The Guy Girl 

This type of woman is very appealing to many men, however, the novelty can very quickly wear off. 

A Guy Girl is one of the lads. She’ll have no issue relating to men and is likely one of those who claims she doesn’t have any girlfriends because she’s always gotten on better with guys. She’ll portray herself to live a lad’s lifestyle including sports, being loud, laddish and drunk on regular occasions.

Having a woman who is surrounded by males may not sit right with a fair few men and some may also tire quickly of the antics and mischief. 

12. The Chat A Lot 

Next on our list of different types of women you’ll find online is the Chat A Lot. 

These are easy to spot…in the communications prior to meeting and certainly when in person on the first encounter, they literally will not allow you to get a word in. 

These types of women can bore you to death and frustrate you beyond belief. She’ll know little about you yet you’ll know everything there is to know about her. First date nerves can provoke such behaviour in girls and so you may wish to give her a couple of goes before deciding she’s just not compatible. 

13. One Night Stand

Just like men, women go online looking for casual sex and one night stands. In fact, women sleeping with a man with no obligation to do anything else is amongst women’s top fantasies. If you’re looking for the same thing, this type of woman can be very enjoyable. However, if not – there will come a time when she ditches you, usually when she senses your interest in her being more than just bed buddies. 

Some women are quite open on their dating profiles about not wanting anything serious. Others may be more secretive (there’s no harm in asking).

14. The Genuine Woman

Amongst all the chaos and weirdos that is online dating, you might strike it lucky and meet a normal, genuine woman with no hidden agenda. These types of women want a standard relationship. They have a job, their own independence and are generally content in their life. These women are few and far between and are normally taken so act quick if you’re lucky enough to meet one. 

15. The Single Mum 

There’s one thing that online dating is definitely not short of and that’s single moms. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with getting involved in a single mom but you need to be aware of what this will involve. 

Your life will be centred around her kids. Dating may be difficult and disrupted. You might not like her children. She may not be able to commit to a relationship. She may not be able to sustain dating in terms of finances, meaning you’ll feel obliged to pay. 

Saying that though, may single moms fall into the Genuine Woman category so this is about having a good think about whether you’re ready or willing for this type of commitment. 

16. Daddy issues

A woman with daddy issues is more common than you think. If you’re wondering what this type of woman is, she’s the one that has been abandoned or neglected by her father (or the person she perceives to have been her father). 

Many women with daddy issues are quite open about it. They embrace it and deliberately seek men who they perceive to be strong, older and masculine. 

The sad reality is, is that these women may well struggle to hold down a long-term relationship. Once they realise that their partner isn’t capable of filling the void left by an absent father, they’ll quickly move on to the next one. 

17. The Psycho

The Psycho. Make no mistake about it – you won’t have any issue spotting one of these. There are many different types of women you’ll find online and you will need to have your wits about you where some of them are concerned. 

The Psycho will make her hatred of men known early on and her conversation may appear aggressive, violent and abusive. They’re unpredictable and unstable characters, one minute being loving and giving and the next resorting to abuse and even violence. 

They will often partake in scary behaviours such as sending you multiple messages, demanding to know where you are and why you haven’t responded. She may also contact your friends, family and business contacts if she feels she has been wronged by the relationship. 

Avoid at all costs. 

18. The Cougar

Different types of women you’ll find online will include this one – The Cougar. 

These types of women will have their eyes firmly fixed on the prize (generally speaking, a man who under the age of 30). They are easy to spot. They’re often highly attractive and confident women who are open about themselves being mature and experienced. 

This type of woman is often successful in her own right and feels she is deserving of someone younger, better and more energetic than men of her own age range. There’s no reason to avoid them, especially if the older woman is your thing.

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