Who Will Be The Next James Bond

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If you are wondering who will be the next James Bond, see our list of the top 10 candidates. 

After 14 years of playing the role of James Bond 007, Daniel Craig has decided to step down. No Time to Die (2020) will be Craig’s last James Bond movie, much to the disappointment of his adoring fans. 

The question now lies with: who is going to play the next James Bond? Also, if there is anyone capable of doing as good a job as Craig did playing agent 007. 

Many believe Craig is the best Bond who has ever been screened and that it’d be a tough job finding someone to fill his shoes. We’ve given it a good go on the following list, sorting through several British actors we feel would best suit the part. 

Many men have been shocked with recent talk of a woman playing James Bond. Although we’re all about equal treatment, we can’t help but feel that this is a ridiculous idea (we wouldn’t suggest a male playing Wonder Woman). 

So, you’ll only find men on our list of 10 potential candidates who’d fit the role of the next James Bond. 

Who should be the next James Bond?

1. Tom Hardy

Next James Bond Tom Hardy

One of the biggest names in Hollywood right now is english actor Tom Hardy. Known for his versatility, Hardy is more than capable of holding his own in front of a camera. Hardy, now 42 and born in London is one of the best British actors currently acting. He’s known for starring in Legend (2015), Mad Max Fury Road (2015) and his most recent Marvel movie Venom (2018). We feel Hardy is a strong candidate for the next James Bond. 

2. Tom Hiddleston

Next James Bond Tom Hiddleston

Next on our list of Who Will Be The Next James Bond is Tom Hiddleston. This english born actor from London, now 39, is already well known for featuring in action films such as The Avengers and Kong: Skull Island. Hiddleston has great potential for playing James Bond – he’s at the right age, with an English accent and is also a decent looking fella. 

3. Idris Elba

Next James Bond Idris Elba

There have been many rumours about Idris Elba being the next James Bond. However, Elba himself has confirmed that he hasn’t yet been approached for the part. This is surprising, considering Elba appears to be the perfect candidate. The one thing that could work against Elba is his age – approaching 50, it may be that he’s considered too mature to take on a part with such longevity. 

4. Richard Madden

Next James Bond Richard Madden

TV series star Richard Madden is now 33. Born in Scotland, he’s known for playing roles in Game of Thrones. He’s also starred in the BBC drama Bodyguard and 2019 film, Rocketman. We feel it can swing either way for Madden. He certainly has potential to play a great James Bond, however – we’re concerned he may not be ready for such a major part. It might be that it is felt that Madden needs more experience on the screen before committing to such a huge role. 

5. Michael Fassbender

Next James Bond Michael Fassbender

Man of mystery, Michael Fassbender – was born in Heidelberg, Germany. Now 42, Fassbender moved to Ireland before starring in films Prometheus (2012), Assassin’s Creed (2017) and Shame (2011). Fassbender is a great choice for roles which involve intrigue and mystery, making him an ideal candidate for the next James Bond. 

6. Henry Cavill

Next James Bond Henry Cavill

Is Henry Cavill going to be our next Bond 007? He certainly has all the hallmarks of what James Bond should be. Cavill is already a power actor in Hollywood and landed himself some big roles (such as Superman). He’s only 36 years old which is the same age as Daniel Craig was when he took on the role of 007. Cavill is certainly a strong candidate to take up the role of James Bond.  

7. Damian Lewis

Next James Bond Damian Lewis

When we see London born Damian Lewis on the big screen, he already has the characteristics and features of what you would expect from James Bond. We are confident that, if chosen to take on the role, Lewis would make the portrayal of 007 appear effortless. Despite Lewis being regularly gossiped about him being the next James Bond, like Idris above, he’s never been approached for the part. Perhaps this is due to him being on the wrong side of 40 (49). This English actor is well known for starring in Our Kind of Traitor, Dreamcatcher (2003) and his most recent movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019). 

8. Luke Evans

Next James Bond Luke Evans

Just like James Bond, Luke Evans is a smooth talking,  ladies man. Evans, now 40 and born in Pontypool, Wales, is well known for starring in his 2014 hit movie, Dracula Untold. His other movies include Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Murder Mystery (2019). We feel Evans is a perfect choice for James Bond, what with his looks, experience and age on his side. 

9. Jamie Bell

Next James Bond Jamie Bell

Our ‘wild card’ is English actor, Jamie Bell. Born in Billingham and now 33, Bell is well known for his role in the hit movie Billy Elliot. He can also be found in Skin (2018) and 6 Days (2017). Bell will have no issue stepping up to the role of Bond. He’s already proven himself in front of the camera and has looks, age and experience on his side. 

10. Benedict Cumberbatch

Next James Bond Benedict Cumberbatch

A man who is already well known on the screen is 43 year old Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s an English actor, born in London and who is famous for his role in Sherlock Holmes. He’s also known for his parts in Marvel’s Doctor Strange (2016), The Imitation Game (2014) and 1917 (2017). Cumberbatch always gives a powerful performance, whichever movie he’s assigned to. We believe it is quite possible for Cumberbatch to be the next James Bond, and he’ll be very good at it too. 

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