Women To Avoid: 16 Types Women Men Should Ghost

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There has been a point in every man’s relationship when he’s said to himself, ‘if only I knew then what I know now, I would’ve avoided her like the plague’.

It’s true to say that the perfect woman does not exist. Every woman will have their flaws but, on balance, these won’t tend to cause much of a problem in a lot of relationships. However, there are certain women you need to keep at arm’s length and for very good reason.

We will navigate you through women to avoid at all costs.

1. The Girl With Daddy Issues

If she suffers from Daddy Issues, you need to steer clear. The biggest clue going as to whether someone has Daddy Issues is her past – she would have been neglected or abandoned by her father and would not have had anyone else in her life to act as a father figure.

Women with Daddy Issues:

  • enjoy a lot of male attention, mostly from older men or men who they perceive to be good fathers and will likely do anything possible to secure this, despite being in a relationship with you
  • have no regard for your feelings and nothing you can do will be a match for their deep insecurities around men
  • will have likely been in several relationships and have difficulty maintaining longer relationships.

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep away from women with Daddy Issues. Run for cover and don’t look back.

2. The Gold Digger

By now, I’m sure we’ve all heard of the Gold Digger and, for most men, they don’t pose much of a problem as they only tend to latch on to those with plenty of money. But if you’re doing better than most financially, you need to be aware of Gold Diggers and to give them a wide berth if you’re ever unfortunate to encounter them. Most of us are good at spotting Gold Diggers – they’re often:

  • highly attractive
  • charming and engaging
  • smart and clever
  • wearing expensive or designer clothes
  • seductive
  • likely out of work.

Gold Diggers care only about you giving them the dream lifestyle they crave.

Definitely on the list of women to avoid.

3. The Psycho

If you have ever encountered the Psycho woman, you’ll know that this is a woman to avoid at all costs. These types of women can be terrifying for those who haven’t had experience with them before. The Psycho is clever – in the early days of your relationship, she’ll likely portray herself as a caring and attentive girlfriend, focused on fulfilling your every need.

It is easy to get attached to these girls – they are often highly attractive and sexually desirable. However, you’ll soon learn that should she not get her own way, she’ll turn in to the fucking devil. It will be the stuff of nightmares and horror films. She will:

  • scream at you
  • shout at you
  • resort to physical violence
  • humiliate you in public (she will deem this a powerful tool to keep you under control)
  • trap you and make you feel suffocated

Ending things with a Psycho woman isn’t as easy as you may think, what with her threats of self-harm, her begging for forgiveness (“I’ll change”) and the emotional investment you have already made.

Stay away from women like this – ditch them if you’re unlucky enough to be involved with one already. They’re complete nut jobs. It will never work out.

4. The Single Mother

If you are a man without children, dating a single mother is amongst women to avoid. She might well be a heart stopper to look at and may also be a lovely person. But dating a single woman needs to be avoided at all costs. See our article on dating single mothers (and why you shouldn’t) here.

5. The Rebound Girl

A recently dumped or separated woman that’s looking for a rebound is one of the worst type of females out there. If there is any group of women to avoid – it’s the Rebound Girls. She’s pure evil, manipulating men to help her get over her ex at any cost to her victim. She’ll:

  • come on strong and fast
  • give you great sex
  • want to see you all the time.  

However, after she’s got her man fix, she’ll disregard you to enjoy her single life or another man she deems to be better than you.

6. The Doll.  

She may come across as someone that looks the part, however, it’s not until we attempt any engagement with The Doll that we understand the extent of her IQ (the same as a 12 year old). The Doll will:

  • have no clue as to what’s going on in the real world
  • appear sweet and innocent
  • draw you in with her giddiness.

However, it won’t be long before she’ll grind you down and drive you nuts. You might even find yourself thinking that you haven’t ever met anyone that stupid before.

7. The Cheat

It goes without saying that The Cheat is amongst women to avoid. She’s often highly attractive and seductive, using her charm to get you under her spell in seconds. The issue with these girls is that you will never have their full attention – whilst out on your arm around the town, she’ll be eyeing up other men – sometimes obviously so, having no regard for your feelings.

Don’t be surprised if a Cheat leaves your company part way through the night in order to hook up with someone else that’s caught her eye. At the end of a date night, she may also tell you she’s heading off to a club or to meet some friends, rather than heading home alone or with you. Cheats are only good for limited scenarios:

  • casual meets
  • flings
  • one night stands
  • ghosting

Give this girl a miss if you’re looking for something more meaningful.

8. The Chatterbox

The Chatterbox does not mean to be annoying…but they are and so are women that we should stay away from. Most of us enjoy a girl who is capable of good conversation. However, as men, sometimes we need our quiet time and the Chatterbox will simply not allow it.

With this type of woman:

  • you will know everything about her within a short space of time
  • they’ll be little time to speak about yourself.

She may also:

  • interrupt you
  • have an unboundaried approach to chatting with strangers
  • generally drill you down with constant chatter the point of you feeling desperate to leave her company
  • become upset and cause a scene if you ask for space or time.  

At the end of a busy day, you’ll likely find yourself driving around the block a few more times to delay getting home to her.

9. The I’m Never Happy Girl  

The I’m Never Happy Girl are the types of women you want to steer clear from. It doesn’t matter how much you do for this woman, she will never be satisfied and will often blame you for her unhappiness.

The I’m Never Happy Girl:

  • will often resort to bullying and will make you feel inadequate that you aren’t able to provide her with the life she wants
  • have a huge sense of entitlement, however, will not accept any responsibility herself for improving her lifestyle (she’ll leave that down to you and will not hesitate to put you down if you aren’t willing or able to do this)
  • will often compare you to ex-boyfriends and will take pleasure in telling you how adequate they were in fulfilling her needs.

10. The Mood Hoover

Mood Hoovers are women to keep away from. They’re pathetic types with rock bottom self-esteem and little energy. As men, you have no responsibility to hang around for this.

The Mood Hoover will:

  • be energy vampires who leave you feeling drained and exhausted
  • have little motivation for life
  • often drop you and your plans for another day in bed or on the couch in her slob clothes
  • meet you with silence or limited conversation if you turn up at hers full of beans
  • have you running rings around her, trying to cheer her up or making her feel better
  • often be responsible for her own, miserable existence but refuses to accept responsibility for this, seeing everyone but herself to blame.

This type of girl will likely have dropped out of study and wont hold down a job – meaning you’ll be the one paying for the relationship. Definite types of women to give a wide berth.

11. The All About Me Chick

The All About Me Chick is another amongst other women to avoid.

She will happily receive your affection, gifts and commitment however, won’t ever give you much back in return and will certainly never pay her own way.

ME chicks:

  • have a huge sense of entitlement, believing that they are the centre of your world and that you will do anything to keep them
  • will make you feel insecure and inadequate and that you are lucky to be in their company and so you’ll do anything possible to keep her happy
  • will draw you in the first few dates and make you admiring of her self-confidence – however, if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself trapped in an abusive relationship with a woman who believes the relationship is all about them.

The All About Me Chick often won’t hesitate to tell you about the various men who have hit on them that day in an effort to make you even more insecure and to provide you with further motivation to meet her demands.

12. The Girl Who Wants to Change You

Men should avoid this type of woman.

It’s true to say that we all have to adapt at some point in a relationship. Small sacrifices or amendments here and there are reasonable. However, women who are hell bent on changing everything about you are to be avoided.

The Girl Who Wants To Change You will try to change you in to the man of their dreams (which likely doesn’t exist). She’ll start off with subtle hints, for example, telling you that she feels your hair would be better in a different style. She’ll then move on to other things including:

  • changing your entire wardrobe
  • asking you to drop friends
  • changing your hobbies
  • forcing you to change your career or line of work.

You may mistake her manipulation for something else – for example, you may be flattered that she’s showing an interest. However, the only person you can be is yourself and, when she realises this, she’ll drop you like a ton of bricks.

Women we can do without.

13. Miss Insecure

Miss Insecure will be a nightmare to be around and are women to avoid.

Yes – we all have insecurities but, with this girl – it’ll be something else altogether. She’ll be in a constant state of low self-esteem, deeming themselves to have low-self worth.

This will cause all sorts of problems in the relationship including:

  • controlling, abusive and confrontational behaviours
  • attempts to cut you off from friends or limiting your contact with them
  • throwing tantrums and causing conflict
  • making you feel guilty should you mention you are planning on spending time with some friends
  • stalking behaviours including following you about on a night out and tracking your phone
  • getting jealous very easily, even over something simple such as you complimenting another woman.

This woman will enjoy the drama, making false accusations against you and often causing a scene publically leading to shame and embarrassment. She’ll also abandon her own life to fit in with yours, dropping her friends and family in a heartbeat.

No-one wants to be around that.

14. The Leech

Similar to a Gold Digger, The Leech doesn’t care who she hooks up with as long as he’s willing to pay her bills and fund her lifestyle (which doesn’t have to be an extravagant one…The Leech is often satisfied being ‘comfortable’ or ‘ticking over’ on a man’s money).

If you wish to do anything with this girl, it will need to be with the full understanding that you will be paying for it. She will:

  • have no shame
  • not work
  • manipulate you into paying her way (and this will be for everything including her rent, food and children)
  • be quite charming at first and this is part of their manipulation.

You may be motivated to assist her to change her life and better herself financially, however, no amount of trying will assist this type of woman. She doesn’t want to accept responsibility – she wants to find a man who’ll do this on her behalf.

Pass up offers from these types of women.

15. The Drama Queen.

This type of woman seeks out drama everywhere. If there isn’t any to be had, she’ll soon whip up her own.

She’s the type of girl who will:

  • enjoy public tantrums or a clash about something trivial (for example, think screaming at a bartender for serving her the wrong drink)
  • blow minor disagreements in the relationship to catastrophic levels which may include cutting you off or throwing you out
  • take attention seeking to a whole, new level – she will often make an entrance, will be prone to emotional outbursts and is drawn to conflict (again – if there is none, she’ll cause one).

Keep away from Drama Queens.

16. Miss Desperate

Desperate types are women to avoid. They’re clingy and needy, resulting in controlling and manipulative behaviours.

This type of woman:

  • is desperate to be with anyone and will have a past of catastrophic relationship fails
  • will follow you around for crumbs
  • may subject you to guilt trips if you fancy doing something without her (some girls will take this to the extreme and will threaten self-harm if you do not give in to their demands)
  • will turn up on a boys night out or at your work on your lunch break.

She is desperate to be with anyone and, as a result, these sorts of women will often attract poor quality men and will settle for that.

Do yourself a favour if you’re already involved with Miss Desperate – cancel any arrangements, ghost her, dump her – do whatever you need to cut off contact.

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