Women With Daddy Issues: 6 Signs To Look For.

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What the hell is a woman with daddy issues? Is that even a real thing? And why should I avoid such girls? First off, let me tell you that daddy issues is a real thing and is experienced by thousands of women around the globe. A woman with daddy issues is just how it sounds – someone who has developed issues due to the relationship (or lack of relationship) with their father. At some point in their lives, women with daddy issues have experienced abandonment or loss or death of their fathers leaving them feeling insecure and with a permanent void in their lives that they will try to fill with men….and, in the majority of cases, a series of men.

It’s best to give women with daddy issues a wide berth – you will find maintaining a healthy relationship with them very challenging.

You’ll find women with daddy issues everywhere…especially online. When we looked, we found countless dating profiles all strongly suggesting women with serious daddy issues. However, they can be difficult to spot if you’re not in the know. They are pathetic characters and should be avoided at all costs.

The most classic signs of a girl with daddy issues

1. Dating older men

One of the most obvious signs of any lass with daddy issues is that she’ll be drawn to older men. Sometimes much older. Women with daddy issues will often state on their dating profiles that they’re seeking a more mature man and will make it clear that they won’t consider anyone younger. She’ll be more inclined to date someone who is closer to the age of her father, as gross as this sounds. After a first date, she may refuse another if she deems you to be too youthful in personality and appearance.

2. She will enjoy sexual aggression

Women with daddy issues will encourage sexual aggression in the bedroom. What we mean by this is that she’ll want rough or sometimes violent sex. She’ll likely not appear to enjoy it either, seeing sex as punishment or a necessary evil to feel close to her father. Sex might involve strangling, choking and being tied up…..this may seem like a bit of fun at first…however, her sexual demands may eventually make you entirely uncomfortable.  

3. Struggle to hold down a relationship

There’s a good chance a girl with daddy issues will have had several sexual partners in her life. A girl with daddy issues will always be in search of the father she never had and when she realises she hasn’t found it in her current partner, she’ll move on to the next one in the hope of finding her daddy there. Little does she know that no amount of men will ever fill the void she has around the loss or abandonment of her father. As a result of this, she will struggle to hold down a longer term relationships. You may also find it difficult to trust a girl with daddy issues,  what with her constantly on the lookout for a man to fill her father void and knowing that you may be dropped at any time.

4. Too friendly with other men

Another common sign of a girl with daddy issues is that she will flirt with other men whether you’re in their company or not.  She will likely feel more comfortable around men and likely has more male friends than women. Her flirtatious ways will often be frowned upon by females in her company which may explain her lack of female companions. A complete lack of boundaries with these women will often mean they’ll behave easy and loose around men and won’t have any issues taking a man home with them on a first date.  Women with daddy issues may also targeting married men, feeling especially motivated if they have children and will have no regard for wives or breaking up families. She may also choose a job whereby shell have a lot of contract with men such as working in a male salon, as a bartender or another male orientated field.

5. She’s clingy

As above, a woman with daddy issues will likely not have many female friends and so her main contract will be you (and any other man she has on the go). She may have a constant need for physical contact which you may find overbearing and draining. She does this because she’s craving the closeness of her father. The unfortunate thing is that no amount of soothing on your part will ever satisfy her, motivating her to go find it elsewhere.

6. Desperately insecure

A woman with daddy issues will be desperately insecure and you and your relationship will suffer as a result of it. Her constant fear of abandonment may lead to irrational, unreasonable and controlling behaviours. She may question your every move, may resort to stalking behaviours and may misinterpret your normal, everyday behaviours as a sign of abandonment or betrayal in the extreme (for example, you arranging to go out with your friends or you being slightly late home one night). She may constantly text or call you when you are away from her and may also break into your emails and social media accounts. Women with daddy issues are often drawn to the familiarity of past experiences and so don’t be surprised if she engineers a catastrophic breakup with you.  


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